Meet Team Derma’s Jamie

by | 24 May 2019

What do you do at Derma Aesthetics?
“From Monday to Wednesday you’ll find me in the Derma Warehouse answering client queries, getting orders ready for dispatch, and probably eating a few too many Derma chocolates…”



What’s the best bit about your job?
“I seriously love our team so much; I think it’s a pretty incredible testament to success when the work environment is so enjoyable that I still end up ‘visiting’ on my days off. Also, I do have to admit I get embarrassingly excited over a particularly well-packed order with minimal waste! 😅”



Any makeup tips to share, Miss MUA?
“dermaviduals deco Mineral Blush in Light Apricot is powdered gold!!!! It has been a game-changer for my bridal applications this wedding season because it is so versatile. Buff that magic everywhere – cheeks, eyes, lips – you really can’t go wrong! Which leads to another really important consideration; forget about the ‘rules’ and do what feels best for you! Just because an item is marketed for a specific use doesn’t mean it can only ever be used that way (e.g. mix Light Apricot Blush with Lip Balm or Oleogel Plus for a stunning sheer nude lip). Every personality is different (just like our skin), and makeup can be a powerful tool for creative self-expression. Have fun with it, try new things to find your preferences, and don’t be afraid to simplify!!”



What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“I can’t remember where I first heard this but its something I’ve held onto for many years… ‘Always leave people and places better than you found them’ – and my interpretation of that is if you have an opportunity to improve a situation then do so, no matter how small the contribution or whether you will be around for the results. Give a genuine compliment, pick up that stray piece of rubbish, do something helpful for someone just because you can… It may seem insignificant at the time but little things add up, and you never know how a little kindness may positively influence someone’s day! ❤”



How would your coworkers describe you?
“Probably as a bit obsessive 😂😂 (see previous mentions of box-packing and Light Apricot Blush!). Tells very long-winded stories with multiple tangents (because details are crucial to context). Very easily excited, and loves chippies.”



Any hidden talents?
“That’s a surprisingly hard question to answer haha! I’m stronger than I look, a super fast reader, and love feeding family and friends (or anyone!). I’ve got a few gravity-defying tricks up my sleeve when it comes to pole fitness – last year I achieved the splits for the first time in my life, and my current extracurricular pursuits involve learning to belly dance (and get into aforementioned splits) with a sword on my head 😄”