3 Skin Experts Chat Double Cleansing

by | 5 October 2018

Double cleansing has been in Korean & Japanese skincare regimes for decades. Traditionally, a cleansing oil is followed by a regular face cleanser. While we’re all for double cleansing, our approach is slightly different… as in different for each unique skin!

We chatted to 3 of our expert skin treatment therapists about how to get the most from your cleansing routine.

Pia from Verve Skin Beauty Wellness says “Double cleansing doesn’t always have double the benefits! Yes, it is well known that proper cleansing is the foundation of an effective skincare routine, yet over cleansing can really be an issue for some skins.

When it comes to cleansing we approach each client with specific care instructions centred around their unique epidermal needs. These needs can vary a lot from person to person and even from season to season! It depends on which cleanser/s we have chosen to recommend, what the skin condition is, what the impacting environmental factors impacting it are, and also what time of day it is.

Always at the end of the day and especially if you are wearing makeup or SPF, or have been in an exposed environment (i.e. dust, dirt, pollutants, sweat) then two cleanses are required as this initial step is crucial in an effective skin treatment program. If you just cleanse once you are simply rubbing your day and all the toxins that may have come with it, further down into your skin. The first cleanse will remove your ‘day’ and the second cleanse is considered the ‘active’ cleanse. Again, the exception to this rule may be applicable to those with a very compromised skin.”

Rebecca from La Bella Medispa agrees “Can you imagine what has accumulated on your skin throughout the day?! Let’s be honest, it would be scary! Other people’s DNA, old makeup, debris and pollutants just to name a few. I recommend to a lot of our visiting guests at La Bella Medispa to use two different cleansers (skin type depending of course). Total Cleansing Cream is great for removing makeup and debris and can also double as a body wash (without harsh ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphates) and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. Cleansing Milk with DMS is perfect for the second or ‘true’ cleanse, giving back to the skin, nurturing the skin barrier and making the skin feel clean and hydrated, ready for the rest of your skincare regime.”

Belle Beauty & Advanced Skin Therapy’s Justine is passionate about educating her clients on the importance of cleansing “Educating my new clients and reminding my existing clients to double cleanse with their prescribed dermaviduals cleanser when wearing makeup and at the end of the is an absolute MUST!

I especially stress the importance of doing a thorough double cleanse in the evening due to dermaviduals’ unique delivery system; I don’t want makeup residue or pollutants residing on the skin going down deeper with their serum/moisturiser application!

Cleansing can be so overlooked and done so mindlessly, so I recommend to all clients to be mindful when cleansing their skin, really taking the time to concentrate on actually cleansing the skin and not just a quick wash off (especially to all our busy mummies out there!).“

Pia adds “If you’re actually using an active cleanser, such as Cleansing Milk with DMS, then I am sure you’d like to reap the most benefit from it! Allowing the cleanser to have at least 3 minutes of contact time with the skin on its second application before rinsing or towelling off will provide the greatest skin reinforcing benefits, as it’s a lipid building cleanser (a hydrator and cleanser all in one!). DMS is the delivery of 5 plant-based lipid components that exactly mimic the natural skin lipid barrier, strengthening and reinforcing it. This helps your underlying cells to behave in a younger, healthier and more normalised way, helping enhance cell communication and cell-specific capabilities – but if you wash your ‘active cleanse’ off in 30 seconds, it just doesn’t have the opportunity to begin working on that!

Sounds easy enough to follow, I know, but I have also noticed that with our perception of crazy busy lifestyles and lack of understanding on the importance of cleanser contact time, we tend to miss this foundational step in our daily skincare. Research has shown that most women spend 15 – 30 seconds cleansing their skin – nowhere close to being a truly effective part of your skincare regimen!”

As for the morning, Bec advises that “a single Cleansing Milk with DMS cleanse for the morning is enough as the skin has had a chance to recalibrate through the night. This cleanse prepares your skin to look its best throughout the day, glowing with health!”

Pia’s approach varies slightly “For most skins, and especially for a sensitive skin in the morning we generally recommend no cleansing; just another layering of nourishing and calming dermaviduals skincare. For someone who is perhaps peri-menopausal, or having detoxification issues, and may be sweating a lot at night, a cleanse may be required.”

It’s important to remember that your skin is as unique as you are, so your needs will be different. Regular skin analyses will ensure skin prescription is always working hard for you!