Packing for an African Safari & The Singapore Grand Prix

by | 29 September 2017

What does a director of a skincare company put into her beauty bag? Our co-director, Reika, shares her (late night) thoughts while packing for one hell of an adventure!


Right now I’m lucky enough to be packing my bag for adventures to warmer climates and NO – the consideration is NOT my wardrobe! Unlike that of my travel buddies! In fact, my major consideration is my cosmetic bag (not surprisingly)!

Generally, I’m heading for heat, dirt, early rises and late nights – sounds like a disaster for skin right?! I don’t plan on going down that route – my adventures shall not get in the way of good skincare… bring on the eye serum! I’m excited to be going to The Singapore Grand Prix which will see humidity, hopefully, a bit of dust, some late nights so I know I’m going to need to get as many antioxidants into my skin for more than one reason! Then onto an African Safari which will see a lot of dust (I hope I’m going to enjoy getting dirty!!!), sun, and early rises. So I have quite the extremes!

So what do I have in my bag of tricks?

  • I’ve swapped my Lotion N for a Face Tonic in the handy 30ml travel size (this is going to like a detox for me – I hope I cope! I am certainly addicted to my twice-a-day serve of Lotion N!).
  • A Total Cleansing Cream will do the whole family whilst we travel – no smelly hotel lotions and potions to ruin what we’ve been working toward all these years!
  • With Lip Repair back in stock, I won’t be missing out on taking that little baby either! In fact, one for everyone in our family – my 16-year-old boys are actually addicted to it and carry it in their pockets!
  • I have my Hyaluronic Acid Liposome Plus for my 8 plane rides over 3 weeks! This will be a GOD SEND!
  • My Mask with Vitamins will be my hero! Oxidative stress, no thank you!
  • Anti Wrinkle Serum is included too, as I happen to be travelling with my ex-husband (uh oh!) and no there is no Brangelina-like reunion in mind here…
  • Related to the point above, I may just need to mix myself a bespoke anti-stress cream!  This will consist of CM Glucan, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin B Liposome Concentrate added to my DMS Base Cream.
  • My Kigelia Liposome Concentrate will be used night and day – environmental protection is my priority.
  • Of course, my sunscreen will be a no-brainer but more importantly, my broad-brimmed hat and wardrobe of scarves will get a run as I don’t plan to get a ray more sun damage than I accumulated in my younger years!