At-home facials

by | 14 April 2023

Facials aren’t just salon treatments, it’s possible to enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

At-home facials are an effective and relaxing way to maximise your skin health. In between professional facials, it’s important to maintain a consistent skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing. This is where at-home facial kits can come in handy.

At-home facials are not a new concept, but lucky for us, we have come a long way from using mashed avocado and cucumber slices! However, finding the right products for your skin type can sometimes be a challenge. Most skincare products fall into the categories of dry, oily, or combination skin, but this often doesn’t address individual skin concerns.

dermaviduals At-Home Facial Kits can supplement your professional in-clinic treatments by allowing you to use bespoke facial products at home, under the guidance of your skin treatment therapist, allowing you to see real results.

Our At-Home Facial Kit contains:


Dermaviduals Individuals mask for the perfect at home facial experience


What are the benefits of at-home facials?

Pamper yourself without leaving the house

When visiting a clinic isn’t an option, our At-Home Facial Kits are a great way to indulge in some much needed self-care and will promote healthy, glowing skin from the comfort of your own home. Packed with everything you need for the ultimate facial routine, anytime, anywhere. Our kits will leave you feeling relaxed and indulged. After all, you and your skin deserve it!

Maintain your in-clinic glow

dermaviduals products are designed to address specific skin concerns, from acne and blemishes to signs of ageing and pigmentation. With formulations customised for your unique skin type, you can achieve healthy and protected skin that looks and feels its best.

Furthermore, using at-home facial kits can help prolong and maintain the results of professional treatments, by using products that are formulated with similar ingredients and technologies to those used by your skin treatment therapist.


Bespoke At-Home Facial Kit

How can I give myself a bespoke facial at home?

4 Easy steps for a dermaviduals at-home facial:
  1. Cleanse – Cleansers are the starting point of every skincare routine. Using the dermaviduals cleanser best suited for your skin, the first step is to cleanse your skin of any dirt, oil, and pollutant build-up.  If you are removing any makeup we recommend cleansing twice.
  2. Mask – Apply the dermaviduals Individual Mask to your face and décolletage using the fan facial brush. Not only will this step lock in hydration but the fan brush makes your at-home facial feel luxurious.  Pour yourself a beverage and let the mask work its magic. For dry skin, wait up to 10 minutes and for oily skin, 20 minutes. Gently remove the mask with lukewarm water using your dermaviduals facial cleansing cloth.
  3. Moisturise – dermaviduals base creams help protect, hydrate and replenish the skin. Your skin treatment therapist will recommend the best base cream for your skin type or even customise a cream for your specific needs. Apply your dermaviduals base cream after your serums to enhance delivery of the active ingredients.
  4. Eye Care – The skin around your eyes is sensitive and needs extra care. Complete your at-home facial with a dermaviduals eye serum, cream, or gel, which have been specially formulated for the delicate eye area and specifically works to target concerns of dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.


  • Face and makeup wipes are not adequate for cleansing they use harsh chemicals that strip your skin and they are even bad for the environment!. Use our Essential Cleansing Cloth to effectively remove all your makeup and daily build up, leaving your skin properly cleansed.
  • Our dermaviduals headband is your best at-home facial accessory. Not only will it feel like you’re receiving a professional treatment from the comfort of your own home, it will keep your hair away from your face during your skincare routine, No muss, no fuss!

Consult with your skin treatment therapist to find the best bespoke At-Home Facial today. See your favourite Dermaviduals therapists or search our clinic finder to locate a Corneotherapist near you!