Educational Series: Base Cream Science

by | 16 February 2023

dermaviduals DMS Base Creams serve as a unique, customisable option for managing all skin types while targeting skin conditions with an individual blend of activities utilised as required. Formulated with a unique blend of physiological lipids that mimic the structure and function of the skin, dermaviduals DMS Base Creams provide long lasting nourishment and protection while also supporting the delivery of active agents when customised for the individual skin.

To have a sound understanding of the science behind our base creams, first, we must understand the science of the skin.

Understanding the Science of the Skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ and plays a fundamental role in fluid balance and thermoregulation while protecting from UV radiation and the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms amongst other unique functions. Divided into different ‘layers’, it is the epidermis which is a dynamic system of continual proliferation and differentiation. Mainly consisting of keratinocytes, melanocytes and immune cells, the epidermis holds major significance for the barrier function of the skin. The barrier of the skin is formed via the production of keratinised cells (corneocytes) which are embedded in a matrix of multiple lamellar lipid layers. It is the multi lamellar lipids that serve to slow down the evaporation of water through the skin (TEWL) and minimise the penetration of allergens, pathogens and other environmental factors which may lead to increased inflammation and irritation.

The keratinocyte accounts for around 90% of the cellular population of the epidermis and the changes this cell undergoes from mitosis to terminal differentiation, results in the first lines of the skin barrier defence systems being formed. Those lines are the acid mantle and microbiome, corneocytes and the multi lamellar lipid structure. The multi lamellar lipid structure consists of a combination of ceramides, long-chained, saturated fatty acids and cholesterol in a molecular ratio of about 1:1:1. These lipids originate from intracellular organelles of the stratum granulosum and the lamellar bodies and are released to form the permeability barrier as the keratinocyte undergoes its transformation. Designed to adhere to the corneocyte, the multi lamellar lipids play a crucial role in skin barrier formation.

Managing Barrier Damage

When these lipids are decreased, via genetic or environmental factors, including UV exposure, incorrect product use and stress, the barrier may become impaired and as a result, inflammatory skin barrier disorders such as eczema, dermatitis and other atopic skin conditions, become more prevalent. Tight, dry, itchy and flaky skin ensues and this may lead to further irritation and inflammation.  To counteract the effects on the skin, dermaviduals DMS Base Creams have been created to provide replenishment of these vital lipids.

Manage your skin barrier with dms base creams

What is DMS?

DMS stands for Derma Membrane Structure which is formed by a unique blend of skin identical lipids including water, Triglycerides (from coconut oil, olives, shea butter), Phytosterols (from shea butter), Phosphatidylcholine (from soybean lecithin), Squalane (from olives) and Ceramides (from yeast). Each ingredient provides its own unique superpower to combat skin sensitivity all while strengthening and supporting skin health. The best bit – our DMS Base Creams are fully customisable! Utilising our extracts, liposomes, nanoparticles, mono substances or oils, the power is at the fingertips of your skin treatment therapist to curate the perfect formulation to target your skin condition or concern. The deep penetration of individual actives provided by our DMS Base Creams, is a surefire way to accelerate results and ensure skin health at all times.

Our base creams are formulated free from ingredients found commonly in other skincare formulations which may increase sensitivity while negatively impacting the skin barrier function including:

  • Conventional preservatives – which may not be tolerated and can cause irritations.
  • Perfumes & fragrances – named as the number 1 cause of skin irritation.
  • Conventional emulsifiers – known to influence the integrity of the skin barrier.
  • Mineral oils – which have an occlusive ‘cling film’ effect on the skin.

Regarded as preventative skincare and supported by their individual adaptability, DMS Base Creams are the perfect base to build a solid skincare routine focused on your skin’s unique needs.

To find your local dermaviduals stockist and to get your hands on our DMS Base Cream formulated just for you, check out our clinic finder here.

Written by Lisa Paone