Clinic of the Month – Azalea Beauty and Skin 

by | 1 January 2024

It is our pleasure to introduce January’s  ‘Clinic of the Month’ Azalea Beauty and Skin. Located in Upper Coomera, Queensland.   


Tell us about Azalea Beauty and Skin. What makes your clinic unique?


We offer fully bespoke facial treatments so that each treatment is completely tailored to suit the needs of the client in front of us. We are holistic skin therapists, meaning that we assist our clients in treating their skin both internally and externally by referring to a naturopath where necessary and encouraging our clients into a journey of health and wellness. 

We pride ourselves on being friendly and professional every step of the way of our client’s journey. From the booking process through to the end of each service. Being a home-based clinic gives our clients a warm, welcoming feeling as if they were walking into a friend or family member’s house. 


Azalea Beauty and Skin 


How does Azalea Beauty and Skin stay abreast of the latest trends, technologies, or products in the industry?


Our clinic owner Jen regularly attends conferences and webinars to stay up to date with the most current research in our industry. As well as cutting through the myths and fads to offer only treatments that have scientifically proven results.  


Could you share a memorable success story or transformation from a client who has undergone treatments at Azalea Beauty and Skin?

One of our most memorable success stories would have to have been our beautiful client Chrissy. She came to us with many concerns with her skin as she was entering into menopause, experiencing skin concerns she had never dealt with in the past. After having an in-depth skin consultation with Jen, we set up a personalised treatment plan and product prescription. After a few months Chrissy’s skin had improved so much, she was able to leave the house without feeling the need to cover up her face with a thick layer of makeup. She has now even been able to cut back her medication and supplements that she was on to try to battle the skin concerns she had prior to coming to us for help.  


Azalea Beauty and Skin 


We love asking this question – what are your top 3 dermaviduals products you simply cannot live without!?


Vitamin Cream Mask – This product feels amazing and leaves the skin so soft and smooth, while being nourishing but not greasy! 

Bespoke Cleanser – I love that we can adjust the amounts of milk/gel according to the season or how the skin has been feeling to make sure the skin barrier is always cared for! 

EGCG Liposomes – This has been a game-changer for us! Any skin that is prone to irritation we introduce this to and their skin just glows! 


Make sure to follow Azalea Beauty and Skin on Instagram and if you would like to book in to see Jen and her team, click through to our Clinic Finder and make an appointment!