Clinic of the Month | Jessica Rooney | Bare Skin and Beauty

by | 2 September 2021

1.Tell us about your clinic, staff and local area.

Bare Skin and Beauty opened in September 2020 which was a bit scary because of all the things happening with Covid. Our salon is located in the main shopping centre in Ellenbrook, WA. Ellenbrook is located next to the Swan Valley Wine Region and is one of the closest major shops for people who live in the country, so our client’s come from local and afar.

We love what we have created with our salon. We have brought all of our favourite ideas together for our designers to design and build a salon that should be timeless, with natural wood features and colours. Our salon has even been chosen to enter the 2021 Commercial Design Awards! It is very exciting for us to see as we are so proud of it!

We offer a range of beauty and skin treatments but eventually would love to have enough customers so that we can focus solely on the skin, as that’s what we love to do.
Our salon is growing fast and we have just taken on a new staff member, bringing our team to five. Our team consists of two Beauty Therapists, two Dermal Therapists and a Junior Therapist.


2.How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

Before I took on dermaviduals, I didn’t really make many product sales. I was very sceptical about product sales being a large part of our business like they are now.  I didn’t want to be pushy and for clients to think I was pushing products on them that they didn’t need, which is not the case at all. I now have the knowledge to explain why the product is so important and how the skin functions. Through dermaviduals training and education, we have learnt just how important skincare is to achieve our clients desired results and help them in their skin journey. We owe that to dermaviduals!

3.What is your number one skincare tip?

Consistency! We see the biggest improvements in our client’s skin when they are consistent with their home care and facial treatments.

4.What sets your clinic/treatment apart?

What sets us apart from other salons is probably that we understand every customer is different. We try and work with our clients to get the results within a budget they can afford. We create a prescription for our client’s which includes recommendations of products, treatments, supplements and offer advice and recommend other complementary local businesses.

5.Most popular treatments are…

Our most popular facials are our Medi-Facials featuring the dermaviduals Peeling Enzyme. We offer different time options for these treatments and each treatment is customised to our client’s skin concerns with other modalities such as LED Light Therapy, IPL Photo Rejuvenation and Skin Needling.

6.What has been your most memorable career moment so far?
It would have to be the day we moved into our new salon. It took almost a year to design and build so it was like Christmas.