Clinic of the Month | Samsara Medispa

by | 4 September 2023

It is our pleasure to introduce September’s ‘Clinic of the Month’ Samsara  Medispalocated in Auckland, New Zealand.

Tell us about your clinic. What is unique about Samsara Medispa?

Samsara is a holistic beauty clinic where our main focus is healing skin from within and helping our clients love their skin for a lifetime. We do this by offering holistic skin assessments with our OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Tool and facials like the Ayurvedic Face Lift Facial. Most recently we introduced the Tone, Sculpt Release Facial (TSR Facial). The TSR Facial includes the revolutionary buccal sculptural lift massage, which is only offered by a handful of skin therapists in New Zealand. We also offer Collagen Induction Therapy, LED light therapy, electrolysis and healthy skincare makeup. We have carefully chosen what products we use in treatments and retail that don’t contain any nasty ingredients, are sustainably sourced and are cruelty free.  

What attracted you to peruse a career in the skincare industry? 

I have always loved learning about what ingredients are beneficial for the skin and body. I was always drawn to giving advice about skincare and health to my family and friends. It gives me joy and fulfilment when I see loved ones look and feel great by making the small changes with the advice I offered them. This made me determined to train professionally and I am always ready to learn more!  

Samsara Medispa

What has been your most memorable career moment so far?

After working in clinics in Queenstown, Auckland and London, I took the leap and started my own business 14 years ago. It is hard work with lots of sacrifices but I love what I do and am so honoured and thankful that I have amazing clients that choose me. More recently, seeing the incredible results from creating the Tone Sculpt Release Facial!  

How has dermaviduals assisted Samsara Medispa?

Dermaviduals has always provided the best training and support with some of the best skin professionals in the industry. I am a big believer on high quality education as this is the best way to educate my clients to achieve long term skin health.  

We see you recently got married, congratulations! Tell us about how you prepped you skin for the big day?

Thank you! Prepping my skin started months beforehand. Not just topically but internally. I tried my best to avoid refined sugar, dairy and alcohol as much as possible as these are triggers for my skin. I made sure I was taking my skin-loving vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and drinking lots of water. Topically I couldn’t live without Collagen Induction Therapy which I did two maintenance treatments. I continued great home care and ramped up my home facial routine. Last but not least, lots and lots of LED Light Therapy.   

What advice would you give to future brides who want to prep their skin for  their wedding? Where would they start?

The best place to start is with a Holistic Skin Assessment. Everyone is so individual and so is their skin. Something that works for one person may not work for the other. With this Assessment we discuss internal factors that may be causing skin concerns, what your skincare/makeup routine is, sun history, lifestyle, medications and much more. We also educate you on what skin type and skin conditions you may have and the best way to treat these. This is also a chance to discuss what results you’re looking for and realistic outcomes.  

Samsara Medispa

What are 3 dermaviduals products you personally cannot live without?

I hands down cannot live without the Lip Balm, Mask With Vitamins and Customised
Serum. I haven’t had peeling dry lips after using the Lip Balm and the Mask and Serum has definitely prevented and slowed down pigmentation and wrinkles! 

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