Clinic of the Month –  Soleil Skin

by | 1 April 2024

We are pleased to introduce April’s ‘Clinic of the Month,’ Soleil Skin. Located in Inverloch, Victoria.

Q.What inspired the creation of Soleil Skin and Beauty?

Soleil Skin and Beauty is a salon established by Donna & Taryn in the beautiful coastal town of Inverloch. We began sharing one small room, then early this year moved into a shop in the heart of town. This was an especially exciting time for us!

We wanted this space to feel friendly, safe & welcoming, where everyone can embrace their unique skin journey, leaving them feeling nurtured, calm & confident in the skin they are in. When designing this space, we were inspired by our stunning coastal surroundings. We incorporated soft lighting, natural colours, materials and elements such as terracotta tiles, natural render and of course seashells which neither of us can leave behind from the beach. We wanted the salon’s ambiance to reflect the calming skin treatments we offer and to create a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation in Inverloch. This visually flows into our logo and our overall brand, using our sun which was inspired from the French word ‘Soleil’.

Q. What ignited your passion for the skincare industry?

We both had similar careers beginning as Beauty Therapists. However, we recognised a shared passion for skincare and facial treatments. We love to have a genuine influence on our client’s skin, and so naturally this became our focus at Soleil. For us, our clients skin journey is a holistic venture. We recognise that skin health is influenced by various factors such as lifestyle, diet, environment, genetics, emotions and well-being.

At Soleil, we understand that achieving radiant and healthy skin goes beyond just using skincare products. So to compliment this, we are very excited to be working alongside a Naturopath who will be working out of Soleil starting May 2024. dermaviduals was the obvious choice for us at Soleil, given the bespoke nature of their products. Their treatments are at the heart of all we do, giving our clients a unique and personalised service.

Q. Could you describe your consultation process?

We have an open and confidential discussion covering any skin issues and goals our clients would like help in achieving. We then investigate deeper with a skin analysis to determine their skin type, hydration levels, texture, elasticity and other factors they may be presented with. We conclude by educating our clients on how a bespoke treatment plan can help improve their results dramatically. A key take-home for our clients is that it’s never a quick fix and the goal can be big or small, but with patience and commitment to their skin health and inner well-being… it’s possible!

Q. Tell us about a career highlight for you.

Opening our salon in January this year had to be a significant milestone and career highlight for us both. As two working mums with young families, at times it tested our time management and work/life balance for sure! But what we have at the end is a brand, great support in our community and a business that we are proud of. We’re also looking forward to celebrating the opening of our business through a VIP evening coming up soon.

Q. Can you share any memorable client success stories?

One of our clients recently came to us with a challenging skin condition – eczema. We were able to manage this and saw substantial results starting with a simple homecare regime. Essentail Cleansing Cloth & tepid water cleanse, EGCG Liposomes

Oleogel Plus (A.M). Then, Cleansing Milk, EGCG LiposomesOleogel Plus with Jojoba Oil (P.M). Regular professional treatments also attributed to her results, as well as seeking naturopathic advice and including Simka Omega’s daily. It really was a true reflection of how consistency and trust in the process can end with such positive results.

Q. Last but not least – we love asking, what are your top 3 dermaviduals products you simply cannot live without?

Seeing as there are 2 of us, we settled on 4 for the win! All are phenomenal skin game changers!

Make sure to follow Soleil Skin on Instagram, and if you would like to book in to see Donna & Taryn, click through to our Clinic Finder and make an appointment!