Here comes the sun…

by | 29 November 2012

Australians love summer and all it brings. For many, it’s a period of relaxation and reconnection with family and friends. The days and nights are long and warm, there are summer fruits to enjoy, and days will be spent on the beach, at lakes or poolside. It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind after a busy year.

Our skin, however, goes into overdrive during the summer months as it attempts to manage extra exposure to our harsh environment including the sun’s rays, increased humidity and increased production of sweat.

This summer, we urge you to remember your skin and keep it at its best by following these 10 top tips for healthy, refreshed skin.


Sun protection is vital

You hear it all the time, and for good reason. Sun damage is cumulative. It is the number 1 cause of premature ageing and pigmentation No one wants sun damage or pre-mature ageing from our environment. Do you?

So, apply your sunscreen religiously – everyday. Apply enough and apply frequently. Even on a cloudy day, your skin can be exposed to up to 40 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. If possible, apply sunscreen 45 minutes prior to going outside to allow your skin to absorb the product. And consider wearing a broad brimmed hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing as further protection against sun damage.


Boost your protection with antioxidants

Sun protection is not the only thing we can do to help our skin survive the stress of summer. Now is the perfect time to use an antioxidant serum with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea. Not only does this help protect the skin but it can also assist in reversing existing sun damage. All three actives are great anti-oxidants in isolation, but used together they activate immune cells, stimulate collagen production and block free radicals.

Specifically, Vitamin E (Tocopherol) prevents protective lipids in the skin from oxidising; Vitamin C helps prevent hyperpigmentation and Green Tea is a powerhouse! It is a free radical scavenger, anti- inflammatory, anti-ageing, photo-protective and also protects the Langerhans cell ( immune cells found in the epidermis that migrate to deeper layers of the skin when exposed to UV radiation. It is possible to strengthen and protect these cells and avoid premature ageing.


Keep hydrated – inside and out.

All the elements that summer brings such as increased sun exposure, heat, humidity, beach, chlorine and air conditioning mean an increased likelihood of dehydration.

By increasing your consumption of water you can alleviate this. Higher temperatures can quickly lead to internal dehydration, resulting in headaches and dizziness. If you’re on the go, it’s advisable to carry a water bottle and remember to up your intake of fresh fruit to prevent dehydration.

Include a super hydrating lotion into your daily care regimen. DMS Base Gel with 10 ml High Classic Cream, 5 ml NMF, 5 ml CM Glucan and 5 ml Hyaluronic Acid will do just the trick.

Give your face and décolletage a hydrating spritz by using Lotion M or Face Tonic. It’s like wrapping your skin in a delicate mist that has a pleasant, cooling effect. Spray directly onto face before applying moisturiser. Repeat during the day as refreshment when required. Can be used over make-up. The cooling effect is increased if these products are stored in the refrigerator.

Lotion M is also the perfect skin refresher after a long day on the beach. Active ingredients such as Cucumber Extract and D-panthenol noticeably soothe the skin. Horsetail Extract supports stressed capillaries and strengthens connective tissue. Simply apply over the whole body and follow up by applying DMS Body Lotion.


Make your skin care regimen summer specific

Summer skin care products should generally contain more hydrating factors and not burden the skin with a high lipid content. With increasing temperatures, our sebaceous glands become more active. Hence, high lipid levels in products can be too rich and cause a build-up of heat, promoting increased sweating and thermal stress.
On really hot days, change from High Classic Plus to High Classic or try an individual hydrating blend of Base GelBase Cream and humectants such as Aloe VeraCM Glucan or NMF liposomes. For blemished skin add Laminaria digitata.

Especially problematic to the skin are those products that contain emulsifiers, mineral oil and silicones, as they suppress the transepidermal water loss to a level that leads to swelling of the skin cells and causes intense thermal stress. Allergic reactions and light dermatitis could be the result. All dermaviduals products are free from these harmful substances.


I see red, I see red, I see red…

When the skin is hot, more blood is pumped through the small blood vessels to the skin’s surface to cool it off. This extra blood can turn your face red, making the skin swell and retain water whilst kicking oil production into high gear. For skins that have redness or rosacea-like symptoms, the constant heat of summer can keep skin looking red and irritated. Keep your products in the refrigerator so that when you use them, they not only feel refreshing, but the cold acts as a vaso-constrictor to reduce dilation of the capillaries, thereby visibly reducing redness. First mist withLotion M to calm redness and hydrate, then try a cooling gel mask with Base Gel, 10 ml High Classic and 5 ml Butchers Broom, 5 ml Green Tea and 5 ml Aloe Vera. Apply a thin layer and leave on for 10 minutes.


Don’t forget your neck, eyes and hands

Your neck, chest and hands are instant giveaways of your true age. To prevent premature signs of ageing, apply Mask with Vitamins twice a week to your neck, hands and chest, and also apply sunscreen to your chest, neck and hands to protect against sun exposure.

Fine lines and wrinkles tend to show first around the eyes. This is because the skin here is extremely thin. Damage from sun exposure and lack of proper care always shows earliest where the skin has less support. Pay extra attention to the skin around the eyes with dermaviduals Eye Cream applied over Bright Eyes Serum blend.


Repair and treat sun damage

UV light causes photo ageing in the form of brown spots (lipofuscin), coarse skin and wrinkles – whether you have burned your skin or not. When sunlight comes into contact with our skin, a cascade of damage can result. Primary amongst them is the stripping of barrier lipids, which causes inflammation, production of reactive oxygen molecules that affect healthy cell growth and stimulation of collagen destructing enzymes.

A tan already indicates damage. Use the cool of the evening to repair and regenerate your skin with age-fighting ingredients to help undo the damage, and to further protect it from the aging effects of UV. We suggest Rosehip, Evening Primrose Oil and Boswellia Serum plus Mask with Vitamins.


If the damage is done…..

…and you are sun burnt, immediately take an aspirin (unless you are allergic) as it will decrease the inflammatory response. Calm over-exposed skin with super-soothing, cooling after-sun or gel masks to prevent peeling and reduce redness and inflammation. Blend Base Gel with 5 ml High Classic, 5 ml Aloe Vera, 5 ml d-Panthenol, 5 ml Linseed Nanoparticles and 5 ml Echinacea. Apply generously as a mask.

For additional relief try a cooling buttermilk compress. Mix buttermilk from the fridge with half water, soak a tea towel and apply towel onto sun burn. Change frequently. The lactic acid in buttermilk helps to calm inflammation and retain moisture.

Remember that just one incidence of sunburn doubles your risk of melanoma — so make sure you book into your skin cancer clinic each year for a comprehensive skin check. It’s painless, quick and will detect early warning signs of carcinomas and malignant melanoma.


Don’t forget your feet

Summer also means open-toed shoes and sandals and bare feet. Street dust and beach sand can dry out your skin, resulting in unsightly dry and cracked heels. Exfoliate your feet in the evening with Porex mask and massage Oleogel Plus into your stressed heels before you go to bed and put on some cotton socks. Welcome the next morning with soft and smooth feet.

And remember that sunscreen rubs off faster on the feet than elsewhere due to rubbing against the straps of your shoes and abrasive sand – so apply often.


Exfoliate for soft and smooth skin

Depending on your skin type, use Porex mask with organic pumpkin extract and enzymes 1-2 times a week. Due to the increased UV radiation in summer, the stratum corneum thickens. Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion, rejuvenates skin and improves hydration from toners and moisturizers. It also works on rough elbows.