Delving Deep? FAQ’s

by | 30 April 2021

1. What’s the difference between DMS High Classic and High Classic Plus?

High classic plus has 2 added ingredients that high classic doesn’t contain. CM Glucan as well as Olive oil extract. High classic is prescribed for inflamed skin conditions and high classic is better suited to a client with a lipid dry skin type.

2. Why do you use Propylene Glycol or Pentalyne Glycol in your products, as I feel your products deserve something more than a synthetic chemical. I love your products and philosophy, but when I see this listed as a number 3 ingredient, it confuses me….

Thanks for your question! As you’re familiar with our philosophy, you’ll know all of the ingredients in our skincare products serve a specific purpose and won’t be detrimental to your skin. We include these as they have anti-microbial and moisture-retaining properties. Propylene Glycol is one of the most frequently used ingredients in cosmetics. The original reports relating to allergies and other reactions are very old and are in fact obsolete because the purity of what we use today has been very much improved (reactions were due to impurities in the ingredient). Propylene Glycol is biodegradable and is metabolised by the skin without any problem.

Cont…Yes it’s an ingredient found in other skincare lines, just because it doesn’t cause reactions it doesn’t mean that it is good to slather on your skin. It’s a synthetic man made chemical being put in a premium product. I thought it was mainly used for retaining moisture in the skin and being used as a preservative for your product, is there not a better alternative?

Just because an ingredient is commonly used, it doesn’t mean it is bad for your skin. We can guarantee that traditional preservatives in skincare are though. In saying that, our cosmetic chemists are always reviewing our ingredients to ensure we are utilising the best technology/formulations to support skin health, so we thank you for your feedback. When you purchase a dermaviduals cream, you’re also purchasing patented DMS technology, a Corneotherapeutic formulation, ingredients that are metabolised by your skin, physiological lipids, a product that has been produced in an aseptic laboratory, not to mention the knowledge & guidance of a passionate skin therapist.

3. I am looking for completely natural products for my skin, to reduce ageing, as I am getting a lot of wrinkles around my eyes, forehead and mouth. And I am only 26! What products do you recommend for anti-ageing, and are your products completely natural?

We are so pleased you’ve found dermaviduals. You are at the perfect age to be protecting your skin against premature ageing and any of our stockists will guide you well in educating you about your skin and how to protect it naturally. Our skincare is physiological which means the ingredients are identical to the composition of your skin, so you are getting products that identify with and compliment your skins natural structure. Beyond this, the ingredients are pure and active, so you will be off to the best start. You can locate our stockists here, and even if you’re in Victoria or affected by COVID stay at home orders, our stockists are well versed to help you with over the phone consults. Please let me know how you get on!

4. Is Total Cleansing Cream also good for the face? Am I able to buy it online. How?

Thank you for contacting us about using the Total Cleansing Cream on your face, absolutely you can definitely use it on your face, it is best as a face wash, but can also be used over the whole body. Being a prescriptive range, dermaviduals is not sold online, we advise that you visit a dermaviduals stockist where a dermaviduals skin expert can conduct a thorough skin consultation and analysis to determine a bespoke solution for your individual skin. Please feel free to use our online clinic finder to locate your closest dermaviduals stockists.

5. Is Kigelia Liposome concentrate safe for pregnant woman?

Thank you for contacting us about one of our amazing serums, Kigelia. Yes it is safe for use during pregnancy. All of our serums are safe for use during pregnancy, (except for Plutioderm Fluid) even our Vitamin A which is in a form that the skin recognises it, so is always safe to use. For further details on any of these serums, please use our salon finder HERE to locate your nearest salon.

6. I am just wondering if you could tell me a bit about the Liposome Concentrate Plus? I have very sensitive skin with redness and dehydration and can’t find anything to soothe, calm and try and repair my skin, would your products help with this?

Liposome Concentrate Plus is a perfect serum selection for reddened and sensitive skins. It is one of our most powerful anti-inflammatory serums. I also highly recommend you visit a dermaviduals stockist where a dermaviduals skin expert can conduct a thorough skin consultation and analysis to determine a bespoke solution for your individual skin. Please feel free to use our online clinic finder to locate your closest dermaviduals stockists.

7. I have extremely dry, sensitive and rough textured skin due to damage from excessive use of acne products in the past. I have just started using dermaviduals today and my skin feels tight and stiff. Is this normal? How long will my skin take to adjust to these product? 

As with changing any products, there will be a ’transition’ period of approximately 8 weeks for your skin to become used to the ingredients used in our products. As our products do not contain any perfumes, colours, preservatives, mineral oils, silicons or emulsifiers, the skin usually goes through something of a ‘purging’ process to rid itself of these ingredients often found in other products. If you are still concerned about your skin please visit your dermaviduals therapist where you purchased the products and they will be able to take a look at your skin.

8. I’ve been using your products for a while now and just wondering if your hyluronic acid concentrate uses a CD44 (homing cell adhension molecule), I’ve read that this helps the hyluronic acid work more effectively?
I want to understand why there is a lot cheaper alternative hyluronic acid out in the market compared to dermividuals. I was told yes, it is made out of the best quality without harsh chemicals, but what other factors are there?

We do not use homing cell adhesion molecules. These molecules are used to enable ingredients to adhere to their target receptors. These receptors need to be used when the skin care product being used has little to no delivery system (a way of travelling through the skin) and uses ingredients that are non-physiological, such as emulsifiers, silicones and harsh preservatives.

dermaviduals is formulated in a highly specialised Aseptic Lab. This enables us to use liposome and nanoparticle technology that allows each of our ingredients to be encapsulated in cell mimicking molecules and delivered down to the target cell receptor with no interruptions or CD44 required.

Due to our medical grade formulating standards and high-quality sourced ingredients, our HA is more expensive to purchase than others on the market. Many different forms are floating around the industry and more often than not, the quality and efficacy is quite poor due to cheap imitations of HA that claim to be pure, trademarking ingredients and inability to access labs to formulate in.

For more details on any of our products, it’s always a good idea to organise a skin consultation with one of our highly educated dermaviduals skin therapists. To find your local skin expert and clinic, go to our clinic finder HERE