Does your skin need a reboot, so you can feel confident to skip the foundation?

by | 11 May 2022

No matter how our skin looks we should all feel confident to walk around makeup free. Everyone is entitled to do what makes them feel good. For some of us (me included), having the confidence to walk outside with no foundation on our face, to cover up all that lies beneath, can be daunting. For example, my chronic illnesses wreak havoc on my skin. Only recently I learned about customised, science-based skincare that has been a game changer!

If you aren’t using the right products for your skin, it can begin to develop all sorts of problems impacting your life both physically and emotionally. We all want fresh, glowing skin that radiates from the inside out. For anyone looking to get outside, foundation free and feeling confident in their skin we look at the factors that contribute to troublesome skin, how to navigate these and some simple skincare tips you can implement into your routine.

Let’s get to the root of the cause and find some solutions to why your skin isn’t looking ‘oh so fresh’…


There are many reasons your skin might not be looking its best, which a dermaviduals skin treatment therapist can diagnose accurately (we talk about this in more depth later). In the meantime, we can share a list of factors that may be the underlying cause, including:

  • Your skin barrier may be compromised if you are struggling with irritation, inflammation, dry or flaky skin. This means your skin can no longer protect itself from environmental pollution. Getting this under control means your skin can protect and defend itself. With the added ability to alleviate and manage skin conditions!
  • Are you mixing and matching skincare products with no purpose or prescribed intention? Take a look inside your bathroom cabinet. What do you see? Consistency, routine or quality? Sometimes we need to consider what ingredients we are putting on our skin, what products we should be using and understand the why behind it all.
  • Depending on where you live, your local climate could be playing havoc with your skin. It could be extreme winds, humidity, harsh sun or extreme cold conditions. You can’t necessarily change this without moving but you can consider how to navigate these, which your skin treatment therapist can assist with.
  • Chronic medical conditions are another difficult hurdle that you cannot cure and can have side effects on the skin. This point is more about acknowledging this factor and the relationship it has with your skin to assist your skin treatment therapist to formulate your best prescription.
  • Stress and sleep! Going hand in hand. Getting stress levels under control with plenty of sleep will do your skin a world of good. When these are both swinging out of control it tends to send our whole system out of equilibrium and your skin will pay the price.
  • Alcohol does not go hand in hand with your skin, so keeping this to a minimum is essential in giving your skin the best chance of recovery and longevity.
  • Smoking & drugs (unprescribed). You know the drill. These are all bad for your skin and will do you no favours in bringing out your inner glow.


How do you reverse some of these effects and reboot your natural glow, so you can kick foundation to the curb (well for some occasions, let’s be realistic)?


You have probably heard it before, but I will say it again. It all starts with a good diet, plenty of water, regular exercise, lots of sleep and throw in some meditation for good measure. However, we won’t get far if our skincare routine is not treated in a similar way. By this I mean good quality ingredients, sticking to one brand (no mix & match games), regular maintenance (just like the gym) and to top it off, customised by a skin treatment therapist!

Remember, your goal is to reboot your skin so it looks so damn good you can kick the foundation to the curb when you don’t feel like wearing it. Your skin is an investment, just like your body. To get you started on your new and improved skin journey we share some tips…

Baby steps! Starting with dermaviduals Süüsmoon Lotion N…


dermaviduals have some stella products, but the treatment tonics AKA lotions really do shine bright due to their amazing results, ease of use and incredible long-term benefits. Depending on your skin type and concern there are several lotions and tonics in the range, which a skin treatment therapist can prescribe to you. The one we are focusing on today, is our best-selling lotion, Süüsmoon Lotion N!

Why is it the bestselling lotion?


  • A ‘spritz’ for your skin! What better way to rehydrate your skin than with a unique formulation that feels like water but looks like milk, without leaving an oily residue.
  • Packed full of pure, natural ingredients, including omega 3 & 6 that are vital for essential fatty acid deficient skin.
  • The key benefits of regularly using the lotion include the regeneration of lipid dry skin, supporting repair of skin barrier function, softening, smoothing and nourishing the skin. Plus, it’s perfect for those struggling with acne tarda (dry acne.


Who can use the Süüsmoon Lotion N?


The lotion is great for those with dry skin and associated barrier disorders as a high oil content is required to restore the natural balance. It is also recommended for the prevention of skin impurities and light forms of acne tarda.

However, the lotion can be used by most skin types and conditions. Your skin treatment therapist will advise what is the best lotion or tonic for your skin.

How do you apply it?


The lotion forms part of the dermaviduals skincare routine (outlined below) and is applied after cleansing. You simply spritz 2-3 pumps into the palm of your hand and press into your face, neck and décolletage. This is usually followed by the application of your bespoke serum and base cream but may differ depending on your customised prescription.

But don’t just take our word for it. This month, on Instagram, we had Sophie Chung share her thoughts on Süüsmoon Lotion N,

“…the dermaviduals Süüsmoon Lotion N has been the talk of the town as the one stop solution for dry skin woes. It uses liquid nanoparticles to deeply nourish EFA-deficient skin and prevent trans-epidermal water loss! I’ve sworn by #süüsmoonlotionN for the past few years as it’s improved my combination skin by folds – I never ever get flaky skin and it’s always super soft!”


Where do you purchase dermaviduals products?


As with all dermaviduals products, these need to be prescribed by a skin treatment therapist at one of our clinics to ensure your skin is getting exactly what is right for you. A baseline prescription for first time users involves a four-step program to kickstart your journey to foundation free skin (when you feel like it of course).

  1. Step 1: Cleanse – Do not miss this step as it preps your skin for all the good stuff to come! Soften, smooth and wash away all the effects of pollution on your face both morning and night. The dermaviduals range can be used standalone or customised.
  2. Step 2: Lotions – We have already chatted about the lotions above in detail, but this is their place in your skincare routine.
  3. Step 3: Serums – dermaviduals have 40 actives available in the range. Formulated using liposomal and nanoparticle technology, these provide a targeted delivery of pure and active ingredients. The best part is you don’t have to stress over what is right for you! Your skin treatment therapist will complete a thorough skin analysis and prescribe your perfect bespoke serum.
  4. Step 4: Moisturise – The last step! Protect, hydrate and replenish your skin with the dermaviduals moisturisers. Similar to the cleaners and serums, these too can be customised or used standalone.


Note: The above is a guide only and your skin treatment therapist will tailor to your skin accordingly.
If you are struggling with your skin and are looking for a solution to ditch the foundation, the dermaviduals skincare range just might be for you. A hidden gem, only found in clinic, the range is sure to change the way you live, so you can feel confident and happy in your new glow.

For the month of May, our clinics are running special offers on the Süüsmoon Lotion N.


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