Educational Blog Series: Are all clay masks created equally?

by | 21 February 2022

Clay masks are supposed to leave the skin feeling tight and uncomfortable, right…? WRONG! Gone are the days of applying a drying clay mask to the skin to simply ‘purify and decongest’!

dermaviduals Individual Mask is based on a unique aqueous formulation combined with Kaolin Clay and an ability to be infused with a bespoke blend of actives suitable to the individual skin needs. dermaviduals Individual Mask goes above and beyond any clay mask you may have used in the past…Let me tell you why.

At the heart of our Individual Mask is the multi-functioning Kaolin Clay. This clay can be used to address many skin conditions and has been widely used in the skincare and aesthetics industry for a number of years. In fact, clay has been a staple for treating skin conditions for centuries!

Extremely gentle on the skin and with a neutral pH, Kaolin Clay has the ability to deeply cleanse pores without disrupting the lines of skin barrier defence. It does this by attaching to impurities within the mouth of the pilosebaceous unit resulting in a decrease of both open (blackheads) and closed (whiteheads) comedones. This makes the Individual Mask the perfect option for those concerned with congestion, hormonally mediated acne and other skin impurities.

A true multitasker, Kaolin Clay also provides the skin with gentle exfoliation properties resulting in a more smooth and even appearance with continued use. For those concerned with slow and sluggish skin, age management concerns or a rough texture, the Individual Mask is the perfect option to stimulate and bring about a more bright, smooth skin.

The Individual Mask contains an assortment of regenerative and supportive ingredients such as: calcium, magnesium, sodium and silica meaning that regardless of the skin type or condition, our clay mask is the perfect solution for all. In addition, dermaviduals has 40 actives that can be used to create the perfect bespoke blend to customise the mask for Oily, Lipid Dry or Diffused Red skin.

Along with high concentration of regenerative minerals, the mask is formulated with an aqueous base full of polysaccharides to replenish the skin resulting in an improved ability for the skin to retain water. This increased ability to retain water slows TEWL (water loss via evaporation through the skin) thus, increasing the skins ability to function effectively. The skin relies on a delicate balance of water water for function therefore, incorporating the Individual Mask into your skincare regimen, will increase metabolic functions leaving the skin in a homeostatic (balanced) state.

So, how do you get your hands on your own bespoke Individual Mask?

After consultation, your Practicing Corneotherapist will be in the best position to curate a bespoke blend of actives featuring dermaviduals Extracts, Liposomes, Nanoparticles, Mono Substances or Oils that will enhance the benefits of Individual Clay Mask just for you!

For this month only, purchase an Individual Mask and receive a complementary at home facial kit, to continue the love for your skin at home. To find out more, visit your closest dermaviduals skin clinic, which you can locate using our ‘Clinic Finder’ here.


dermaviduals individual mask and kit