Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic – October 2014 Clinic of the Month!

by | 1 October 2014

Wendii, owner of Evolve Skin Rejuventation Clinic shares her story with us.


How long have you been in business and what drew you to the beauty industry in the first place?

Evolve is 8 years old and going strong.

My mother took me to my first beauty therapist at the age of 13 and she encouraged me to use good skin care, tidy my brows etc. 27 years later I still thank my mum for her insight back then to teach me to look after the one thing that is with everyone for life, your skin – I believe it is a great gift a parent can give a child. Fashion lasts a season  but skin last a life time. It surprises me when parents don’t believe in spending a bit more on their child’s skin rather than what’s cheap at the supermarket or chemist.


What do you value the most in your business?

My team! Boy it has taken a long time but I now have the best team. They are passionate, eager & reliable. It’s unfortunate when I hear salon owner complain about their staff – they were the one’s that employed them in the first place!


How do you find the right balance between your personal and professional life?

I have 2 gorgeous boys 2 and 4½ , a wonderful supportive husband and great staff. I work 3½ days a week  with ½ a day working on the business not in the business and a business coach who I liaise with once a month.

Our clinic opens at 10am through the week which allows myself and my staff to drop our children of at school and day-care. We have 2 late nights to 7:30pm which allows us to fit in more clients. Saturdays begin at 9am and finish at 3pm although we do extend if need be. After 8 years there has been no need/demand to change the hours and we all live stress free lives.


How has dermaviduals assisted your business?

For years I searched for customised skin care and dermaviduals is it.


What attracts you to the Tea Tree Gully area?

Prior to opening Evolve, I worked the other side of Adelaide near the beach and we had clients from the surrounding suburbs of Tea Tree Gully. I intrigued me that clients would travel so far (by Adelaide standards) so I started to investigate and there were no clinics North East of Adelaide that offered what I could offer.

Amazingly I looked in the paper and there was a location up for rent, 6 weeks later Evolve opened for business and we are still there 8 years later.


What keeps you inspired professionally?

Passion and the constant evolution of our industry


If you had one piece of advice for people considering a career in the beauty industry, what would it be?

Don’t do it if you think it is glamorous or easy, 20 years later I still do pedicures and bikini waxes!


New products and equipment enter the beauty industry almost daily.  How do you keep up with this and how do you determine what is hype and what is genuine?

I really listen to client’s queries about the new things they have heard about, I then research and make my own educated decisions whether to introduce it into my clinic.

I am constantly up-skilling and encourage my team to do so too. I send my staff to training courses frequently – in fact to reward my sensational team I sent my senior therapist for advanced skin analysis training in Melbourne at the beginning of the year and I took my Manager over to China recently to up-skill in cosmetic tattooing.