These questions have been compiled to ensure you feel fully informed about the dermaviduals range. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will take care of your query.

Do you sell your products online?

Being a prescriptive range, dermaviduals is not sold online. We recommend that you contact a stockist where a dermaviduals skin expert will conduct a thorough skin consultation and analysis to determine a bespoke solution for your individual skin. Some of our partners offer virtual consultations for your convenience. Use our online clinic finder to locate your closest dermaviduals clinic.

Are your products tested on animals?

We do not test on animals and we never will. dermaviduals is proudly cruelty free.

Are all dermaviduals products safe to use during pregnancy?

During pregnancy you may safely use all dermaviduals products with the exception of Plutioderm Fluid.

Are dermaviduals products organic or natural?

dermaviduals is formulated with plant based ingredients, from pesticide free farms and manufactured using the highest standards in an aseptic laboratory. By no means do we claim to be organic however we use the purest forms of each ingredient. dermaviduals is formulated free from fragrances, conventional emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, silicones, amines, mineral oils and colours making it one of the cleanest product ranges available.

If I have problem free skin, why should I use dermaviduals?

Every skin type, with or without “problems” can benefit from using dermaviduals. dermaviduals is an excellent choice for both maintenance of healthy skin and prevention of skin barrier disorders as well as problematic skin conditions.

Are liposomes or nanoparticles harmful?

dermaviduals only offers safe and ethical skin care. The skepticism around nanoparticle technology stems from solid matter nanoparticles which can have negative effects on humans if ingested. dermaviduals nanoparticles and liposomes are fluidised carriers of active ingredients and are therefore safe for skin care application.

What’s the difference between a liposome and a nanoparticle?

Liposomes carry water soluble active ingredients whilst nanoparticles carry oil soluble active ingredients.

Can I use other skincare ranges in conjunction with my dermaviduals products?

Using a combination of different skincare lines is always discouraged. Other ranges have not been tested in combination with dermaviduals and often contain ingredients such as emulsifiers, silicones, preservatives and fragrances which dermaviduals is intentionally created without. These ingredients are not compatible with the dermaviduals delivery system, leading to undesirable effects and potential skin irregularities. We therefore strongly advise that your skin care regime consist only of dermaviduals.

How long should a base cream last?

Each application of your dermaviduals base cream only requires a pea sized amount, morning and night. Using it at this rate, your 44ml/50ml base cream should last approximately three months. This is the perfect time to check in with your dermaviduals skin treatment therapist to review your prescription and make any necessary adjustments according to the progress and health of your skin.

Why is mould appearing on my essential cleansing cloth?

uWhile the PVA material resists mould and mildew, it still is a cloth, so it should be left to dry after use. High humidity and high moisture environments can make it more difficult to dry, leaving it susceptible to mold.

How often should I wash my essential cleansing cloth?

We recommend washing it with your “whites” in a cold water cycle once a week and leave it out to dry in the sun or in a dry room.