What Fathers Want for Their Special Day

by | 16 July 2014

What do you get the man who has everything? For Father’s Day 2014, may we recommend that you visit your favourite clinic and consider dermaviduals Shower and Shave Kit?

Many men work hard to stay healthy, keep in shape and look good. They are dedicated to their workout and diet regimens, but often fail to take advantage of the wide range of cosmetic products created especially for men and manly activities such as the daily shave ‘n’ shower.

That’s where YOU come in.

Head-to-Toe Skincare for Father’s Day

dermaviduals Shower and Shave Kit is arriving in stores just in time for Dad’s once-a-year special day. The Kit is a 2-step system that results in one great sense of clean and fresh.

The Shower and Shave Kit contains:

  • 150 ml Total Cleansing Cream
  • 20 ml Liposome Concentrate Plus

Total Cleansing Cream is a super timesaving multi-tasker. It’s a shaving cream, shampoo and face/body wash all in one. That represents real value for today’s busy man on the move. It effectively cleanses skin and hair and softens the beard without harsh ingredients.

That makes it especially ideal for guys with sensitive skin who normally avoid shaving products.

The Razor’s Edge

dermaviduals  Total Cleansing Cream helps to remove dry surface cells and debris to allow for a close and gentle wet shave. Glycerin and other humectants deliver hydration and elasticity while a combination of healthy lipids (EFA) and gentle surfactants improves the razor glide for comfort and safety.

This meticulously formulated product

  • Is free of aggressive and drying foaming agents
  • Helps stimulate smoother, younger looking skin
  • Leaves a man’s hair and skin refreshed and clean
  • Doesn’t dry out the hair or scalp and keeps the integrity of the skin barrier intact

A Man Shouldn’t Have to Take His Lumps

All men (not just fathers) suffer from razor burn and all sorts of lumps, bumps, and unpleasant skin sensitivity that come from using traditional shaving products. It’s no wonder most contains skin-aggravating fragrances and preservatives, with nothing to counteract their effects and ease the pain.

Dad deserves better than that!

dermaviduals Shower and Shave Kit helps fathers of all ages stay un-lumpy and un-bumpy with Liposome Concentrate Plus – a highly anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial serum that helps soothe skin after shaving 

A Great Way to Personalise Your Father’s Day Gift

Men aren’t born knowing how to shave, and the hair-removing techniques they’ve picked up through the years can be positively hair-raising. To help the man (or men) on your Father’s Day list enjoy his gift to the fullest, why not include a handwritten “Shaving Instruction Sheet” with these wise tips:

  • For a good shave, apply only a small amount to wet skin.
  • Lather up in small circular movements.
  • Use a shaving brush for more lather.
  • Use more water if necessary.
  • Shave.
  • During the shaving process rinse the razor under water to insure smooth glide.

Leave the gadgets and gear for another celebration. This year, when Father’s Day arrives, shower Dad with a gift of love that he’ll use every day but would never think about buying for himself.

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