Get to Know Sallyann Paramedical Aesthetician, Our May 2017 Clinic of the Month!

by | 1 May 2017

Sallyann Paramedical Aesthetician is located in the harbourside suburb of Double Bay in Sydney. Sallyann was interested in makeup and skin from a young age and at the age of 14, her first job was in a chemist working with the popular cosmetic brands at the time.


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After Sallyann finished school, this passionate young woman travelled to Australia to study with Madame Korner, who was the founder of Australia’s first professional beauty therapy training school and she’s “never looked back”.


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Sallyann has witnessed the industry move rapidly closer to the medical realm. “Technologies, along with science, have opened up endless opportunities to treat and manage skin conditions. In the last 10 years, lifestyle, diet, stress and over-treatment have increased the instances of inflammation observed in the patients that come to see me.”


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“dermaviduals has been a great bonus to my treatment protocols. Being able to customise and create bespoke preparations such as cleansers serums, gels or creams have enhanced my ability to target and treat basically any skin condition.”


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In particular, Sallyann personally loves dermaviduals’ Lotion N. “My most favourite of all products is Lotion N. It is such a versatile product to use under preparations, over creams and gels, as an inflight saviour, and men love it as a light moisturiser!”


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As for a general skincare tip, Sallyann suggests carrying a small 30ml atomiser of Lotion N in your handbag for skin hydration on the go.


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Sallyann is also a big believer of nourishing yourself as a whole. “Leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle and keeping a good skin care routine does absolute wonders to nurture your body and soul!”


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