Happy Mothers Day To Our Mums Near And Far 💕

by | 9 May 2021

dermaviduals are proud supporters of The Women’s Resilience Centre and have participated in their Mothers Day charity Auction. All funds will go toward building a place of hope, healing, and recovery for survivors of domestic violence.

The Women’s Resilience Centre is a place of hope, healing and recovery for women who have experienced domestic abuse, trauma and violence. The first of its kind in Australia, who provide medium term residential care and a clinical program for long term recovery for victims suffering from domestic abuse and violence. Their program is outcome-focused and seeks to change the legacies of women and their families to continue their healing and recovery – making a long term intergenerational impact.

This generosity at a community level speaks volumes. It tells us that you care and want to invest in the future of families in Australia, making positive inter-generational change.

The Women’s Resilience Centre is an officially registered charity by the ACNCN, and has DGR fundraising status.

We invited our team to offer a few words about what their Mum means to them…


My mum is an incredible lady. She has been the biggest influence in my life.  She was a beauty therapist back in her day, this is where I first found the love and passion for the industry.
Through her self discovery and development and wanting to be a leader, she is now a Leadership and Life Coach. As you can imagine she’s a very dynamic, influential, strong woman who’s my voice of reason, best friend and mum. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mums out there, Jess F x



Ah, where to start! My Mum is so special to me, my best friend and inspiration. I feel so lucky to have such a strong, beautiful, caring and understanding Mum throughout my life. Something that always stands out and I treasure so much is the way she makes any occasion, no matter how big or small, so special and memorable. From hand making all our birthday cakes to look just like we wanted, to making the most special Christmas traditions (our annual Christmas cooking day we still do), to sewing my sister and I matching outfits, or the small gifts and handmade cards for graduations or work achievements- every moment has always been so sentimental and special. Everything was documented into beautiful photo albums or home DVD’s and now being older I am so grateful and appreciative. She is an amazing primary school teacher and photographer (landscapes are her favourite). I admire her in so many ways I could go on for a while! I know that this Mothers Day or in general, she is just happy to spend time with my siblings and I. Whether it’s at a high tea, picnic, playing board games or at the beach, anything together will make her day! Kristina x



Doris Ann Patience, my mentor, my guide, my stability, my inspiration, still to this day my inner voice. Mum left us way to early but while she was with us she certainly left an impact at every place she visited and on every person she spent time with.

Mum was a Matron and an Educator sharing all her knowledge to new students but also all of her staff in the hospital that she ran. Most of all she was my teacher, she shaped my life in so many ways, and she left me with the most valuable skill set, being how to pass on her teaching to bring my two beautiful children up to be amazing adults and humans. Without my mum’s guidance for the short 24 years of my life that she was with me, I would not have been able to poses these skills to pass to my children shaping their lives.

Mums teachings, were very much:
Family is your priority, and then to be honest and authentic (you were born special so always be yourself). Other lessons taught by my Mum included:

Work hard, play hard, shop hard, love what you do, look after your skin as you only get one – (coincidently, to Mum, as with me, skincare was not negotiable), YOU only have one name so don’t tarnish it you can’t get another, and as well, don’t be late, respect other people’s time.

These are just a few life lessons mum left with me that I certainly live by and have also passed onto my children. Simone x

Photo (below) at my brother’s wedding: Mum and Dad, My Brother (Brett) and Kim, Nick and I with Brandon my son (on show but not yet born)



My mum is my best friend and confidant! Her name is Mary Anderson and she lives in Gauteng, South Africa. At 67 years wise, she is still very active, attending the local ‘Curves’ gym and doing water aerobics each week – she certainly lives life to the full. Mum is very talented in crochet and runs a community knitting & crochet coffee club that meet weekly and do wool projects for people in need, i.e. baby blankets for the local childcare NGO’s.

I grew up very modestly in a small rural mining community where mum had to work from when I was 4 years old. She was an office manager her whole working life. We lost my dad tragically in an underground mining accident when I was 23 and mum was 43. Along with this heartache, came a friendship with my mum that we hadn’t previously shared.

My mum has taught me two vital things in life:

1. Look after your skin, no matter how little money you have; she has always found a way to have a monthly facial and it shows: she definitely doesn’t look her age!
2. Not to judge people. No matter the situation or their actions or behaviour, she never judges.

My mum has such strong, open relationships with her 8 grandchildren – 3 each from my sister and I, and 2 through her step-daughter. The grandkids call her Goggo (Zula word for Grandma) & she has FaceTime calls with us all a few times a week. I can’t wait for the Covid pandemic to be contained worldwide so that international travel can resume and mum & I can share a Margherita again, her favourite celebratory drink!

This is a pic of mum & I on her last trip to NZ in September, 2019….twinning 😜



Some of my Mum’s favourite things…Steph B x

My mum’s favourite perfume is: Gloria by Cacharel

Her favourite Season is: Autumn

Her skincare tip: Whip up an egg white and apply to face. It tightens, brightens and lifts!

Mum’s best ever recipe is: Treasure Toffee Cake

And her favourite hobby is: Her treasured morning walks in nature



Although my Mum is not with me, I can take so much from her strong and admirable perspective that she shared with me. Like “her” Mum she was well educated and was always a part of an intelligent conversation, and so very very loving….My Mum was a trained primary school teacher and later went on to study a Masters in Pyschology, was a dedicated School Counsellor, still working in a part time capacity just prior to her passing. Mum was a talented sportswoman, loving her golf and tennis, and loved nothing more than the family and our friends, sharing her home cooked meals and BBQ’s together as often as we could make it home. Mum was the best dressed school teacher, I ever saw, she loved clothes and even taught in heels! As a flat shoe lover myself, Mum would always tell me to wear a heel, as it made your legs look more elegant!!! Mum has been gone now over 10 years, and the saddest thing to me, apart from missing her love and genuine support and comfort everyday, is her not being able to enjoy my son growing up and achieving all he has achieved at school and beyond. She would be very proud, I know. Chele 💙



I most definitely got my resilience from my mum (and my sparkles). I had a short 27 years with her, and this is the last photo (below) I have to treasure. If resilience centres around life’s experiences, then mum- you taught me well. The setbacks, trauma, triumphs and how we shape our mindset from life’s events is what has shaped me. She always paid special attention to what I liked and through all the rules and structure (she was a school principal most of her working life), I realise now how this has served me to navigate my life and find my passions.

My mum taught me that in bouncing back from adversity, you come back quickly and more confidently. I know she would be proud of the life experiences that I am building and trying to instil in my two now adult boys. She didn’t have the opportunities I have, so that in itself pushes me to try harder and not take anything for granted. I am grateful for the mental adaptability that I got from her; she was SUCH a strong, trail blazing (in the true sense of the word), woman. Family is everything. You don’t get time back.

A great question to ask yourself and reflect on mothers day – what does resilience mean to you? Reika x



Not only is she my mother, she is my best friend and my boss – I couldn’t be more proud!

My mum, Simone Vescio, Co-Managing Director of derma aesthetics was so driven to fix my debilitating teenage skin that she landed herself in the aesthetics industry and brought dermaviduals to Australasia from Germany. Together we have shared the “changing lives not just skin” experience with all. Mum thrives on developing & educating the minds of others in our industry so that they too can effectively overcome the skin challenges of all clients.

What I love about my mum most is that I can share anything with her and not feel judged. I always feel supported.

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that mum loves copying my perfumes – a little bit of YSL Libre is running hot right now!

In her spare time, she simply loves the joys of being in the presence of her family and crazy fur babies – standard poodles live a luxurious life in her home.

If there is one thing mum has taught me about skin it is to consistently be sun safe and that “a fake tan is better than a real tan!”

What I miss most is living in the same household as her.

And what I’m looking forward to most is travelling to Italy together again when the world re-opens. Florence is our favourite city.

I adore my mother, she inspires me every day!



Happy Mothers Day to all those amazing Mothers in our world 💕