Healthy Skin 101: Why you should never forget to cleanse morning and night!

by | 4 August 2022

The first essential step in every skincare routine that many skip over or don’t even do properly is cleansing. If you find yourself reaching for the face wipes, using products with harmful ingredients, or not even doing it at all, then your skin will be more prone to breakouts, dehydration and ageing.

Cleansing your skin twice daily will ensure your skin is clear, hydrated and looking youthful. Read on to discover why it’s important to cleanse both morning and night, the benefits of cleansing, how to cleanse properly and some tips for finding the right cleanser with our partner clinics.

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Why do I need to cleanse twice a day?


It is important to cleanse both in the morning and at night and here is why,


You may have slept on a clean pillowcase and gone to bed freshly cleansed, but while you slept your body goes through a natural exfoliation and recovery process. Come morning you need to wash away the impurities formed such as redundant skin cells, excess oils and toxins. Your cleanser will help to balance the pH of your skin, enabling you to start the day fresh and get the best out of your skincare products. Plus, your makeup will have a squeaky-clean surface ensuring your application is flawless.


Your evening cleanse is important, even if you don’t wear makeup. Cleansing ensures you wash away any dirt or debris, so while you sleep your skin can regenerate. To do this your skin needs oxygen and if your pores are clogged it can’t do its job, leaving free radicals to form causing havoc.

On top of this your skin needs water to keep hydrated over night as our body temperatures rise while we sleep. No cleanse means no base for your moisturiser which is needed to keep your skin hydrated. So, as you have probably realised, it’s also essential to cleanse to ensure the effective penetration of the rest of your skincare products.

What benefits do you get from cleansing?


1. Wash away all the impurities

Cleansing removes the build-up that forms on the outer layers of your skin whether it is morning or night. We have talked about the obvious offenders, but did you know your skin produces something called sebum? Your body does this to protect your skin from environmental damage, but if it sits around for too long it can leave excess oil on the surface. Combine this with any extra dirt, debris or make-up and you have a recipe for inflammation, acne and other skin conditions. One very good reason to cleanse.

2. Hydrate your skin

A good cleansing routine ensures the pH levels of your skin remain balanced. This keeps the moisture levels in your skin in optimum condition, so you are properly hydrated.

3. An effective skincare routine

If your skin is clogged with a layer of dirt and/or debris the other products in your routine, such as serums and moisturisers, cannot effectively penetrate the skin. To put it simply, they can’t do their job. Cleansing ensures your skin is clean, clear and ready for action! Your other products will now be able to actively absorb into your skin and get to work.

Be honest, do you sleep with your makeup on?


Sleeping with your makeup on will have your skin treatment therapist in tears. All that hard work to get your skin glowing, dewy and looking flawless, will only undo it all by sleeping with your pores clogged all night. Enter, breakouts! Nobody wants that look.

If you caught the latest episode on the podcast, Reika talks with none other than, DJ Tigerlily, also known as Dara Lawson, who is a well-known DJ, producer and wellness enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. Dara shared her thoughts on sleeping with makeup,

‘Never, ever, ever sleep in my makeup and don’t even slightly understand people who don’t take their makeup off. It takes 2min! Just get it off! It doesn’t even take that long. Even if you don’t do a double cleanse, just do a single cleanse and get it off…’


dermaviduals Podcast DJ Tigerlily

Click to listen now to hear the episode in full!


We could not agree more, and your skin will love you for it! Now to learn how to properly cleanse to remove all your makeup and keep those breakouts away read on…

How do you cleanse properly?


As a first step, ensure you always follow the directions provided by your skin treatment therapist, as your customised routine may slightly differ. Here are some tips for getting started that we encourage all our therapists to follow as a baseline:

  1.  Place the cleanser into the palm of your hand (approx. one pump).
  2.  Apply in a circular motion over your face.
  3.  Rinse off with water and a washcloth. dermaviduals has the Essential Cleansing Cloth, which is both gentle and effective for cleansing available.
  4.  Repeat a second time if you are washing off makeup or any other debris from your face.

WARNING: Do not use any harsh hand mitts or brushes when applying your cleanser. You want to gentle wash away any debris or build up on your skin and not damage the stratum corneum (your skin’s first line of defence)!

But there are so many cleansers on the market, how do I know the right one to choose for my skin?


You’re in luck! Around the middle of the month, our Head of Education, Lisa Paone will be sharing how to identify a good cleanser and provide some great recommendations. In the meantime, check out the dermaviduals cleansing range which can be used standalone or customised for targeted treatment. Scientifically formulated, all our cleansers are powered with pure, active ingredients that gently nourish, soften and smooth your skin.

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