How I Prepped My Skin to Walk Down the Aisle

by | 15 May 2018

I should preface this with – I am not good at skincare. I know this is a ridiculous thing to say when my job is skincare. But despite writing about it every day and being surrounded by the best products and minds in the business, I struggle to practice what I preach beyond cleansing and moisturising.

After James proposed, I had a skin analysis to see how we could boost my current skincare routine and give me that bride-to-be glow. What I love about dermaviduals, is that their bespoke nature is perfect for my no-fuss approach to skincare. My skin treatment therapist understands that when I say I need a simple routine, I mean simple. They are able to create a customised prescription for me, giving my skin everything it needs to thrive, without any unnecessary steps or a plethora of products!

My skincare already consisted of Total Cleansing Cream, DMS Base Cream Classic, Eye Cream and Liposome Concentrate Plus. While I cleanse & moisturise every day (usually just once though…), I often forgo my serum & Eye Cream out of sheer laziness. So first thing’s first: committing to using all products twice daily. This was then amped up with a bespoke eye serum to target puffiness & bags and Suusmoon Lotion N was also introduced to regenerate and nourish. I started using the Suusmoon Lotion N all over my body after showers and haven’t stopped since – it is such a gorgeous light body ‘oil’ which leaves my skin feeling so soft and healthy!



In the 6 month lead up to the wedding, I had about 4 facial treatments (a combination of Enzyme Treatments and customised Terra Sana Clay Masks), which really boosted the way my skin looked and felt.

My wedding dress had a low back and I had some acne scarring on my back from my teen years. I had 2 derma CIT treatments which reduced their appearance dramatically and definitely improved my confidence!



Lastly, my favourite part of my pre-wedding skincare prep were my weekly MAX+ LED sessions. These were a god-send, as I could easily have a date with MAX on my lunch break and it always left my skin feeling rejuvenated and calm (as did I – 25 minutes is a perfect nap length!).



While I definitely wasn’t perfect with my skincare while preparing for our wedding, the simple improvements I made, had my skin feeling amazing!

If you’ve got a special event coming up, a dermaviduals skin treatment will be able to create a customised skin plan to get your skin looking its best. Find your closest dermaviduals clinic here.


Annemarie March O’Donnell xx