Introducing Our Brand Ambassador, Robyn McAlpine!

by | 10 April 2018

We are thrilled to announce our new dermaviduals ambassador, Robyn McAlpine! Robyn is the owner of Newcastle salon, SkintifiX and is a self-confessed skin nerd, so this is a match made in heaven!

Robyn is an advanced skin care therapist that has been in the industry for over 12 years with a strong passion for skin and people.

Robyn says, “I am thrilled to be representing dermaviduals, a brand I have been working with exclusively for almost 8 years. I have always been passionate about skincare, particularly the principles of corneotherapy, in formulations and delivery. Being announced as Brand Ambassador takes our partnership further and I am proud to represent an incredible brand that aligns with my personal values.

“Working with this brand for so long, I have been able to personally witness client’s skins changing and renewing their confidence. I love the process of being able to create a custom skin solution for every individual that walks through my doors,” she adds.

With a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and advanced skin analysis, certificates in paramedical aesthetics, dermo-cosmetology, oncology esthetics and multiple other post-graduate education and experience, Robyn has a wide range of educational credentials that has allowed her to gain a deeper understanding about skin and how it functions.

Reika Roberts and Simone Vescio, dermaviduals Co-Managing Directors said, “We are so excited to have Robyn on board as Brand Ambassador and officially recognise her for all the behind the scenes work she does. We wanted to appoint an ambassador that can resonate with both the general public and the skin treatment therapy market, and Robyn is exactly that.”

“We have experienced first hand the effort and enthusiasm Robyn puts into everything she does, and the way she upholds all the principles of dermaviduals. She is genuinely passionate about dermaviduals, corneotherapy and skin treatment and we are confident this will be an exciting relationship – we can’t wait to share the exciting plans ahead!” Reika adds.