Is Your Product Really Corneotherapeutic?

by | 16 November 2018

If you didn’t already know, our product range follows the principles of the skin care philosophy Corneotherapy. This, in a nutshell, is the science of restoring and maintaining the health of the skin barrier. When your skin barrier is healthy and functioning efficiently, correcting skin conditions comes naturally. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of brands jumping on the Corneotherapy bandwagon, but buyer beware! Not all products are what they claim to be…


What constitutes a true corneotherapeutic range?

Dr Hans Lautenschläger explains to exercise caution when considering a corneotherapeutic range, “Since Professor Albert M. Kligman defined Corneotherapy, the methodology has been advanced and refined. As with many progressive concepts however the term has now reached the field of conventional cosmetics and the use of the idiom “Corneotherapy” has now been exploited for sales and marketing in order to offer conventional approaches with more progressive and exciting labels”.

A true corneotherapeutic skincare range focuses on what’s not in the formulations, as much as what is. Substances such as fragrances, preservatives, parabens, emulsifiers, artificial colours, mineral oils, silicones and amines are not physiologically recognised by the skin, and are therefore omitted from all true corneotherapeutic skincare products.

Genuine corneotherapeutic skincare ranges will also be free from treatments that over-exfoliate, peel and impair the stratum corneum, as that directly contradicts the aim of long-term stabilisation of the skin barrier. The protection supports a gradual healing of inflammation and an intact skin barrier prevents other skin problems by ensuring the skin barrier is strong and functioning as opposed to being in a constant state of repair.


Don’t accept Corneotherapy fakes!

dermaviduals is proud to epitomise all that Corneotherapy advocates. Recognising that lifestyle factors such as indirect exposure to pollutants, chemicals, pesticides and surfactants are likely to continue to impact negatively on our skin, Dr Hans Lautenschläger and his team developed a bespoke dermatological skin care solution designed to optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent premature ageing. Free from substances that are not recognised by the skin, the products are formed with a base product called Dermal Membrane Structure (DMS). This product resembles the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier and corresponds to the principles of Corneotherapy (improving the function of the skin barrier and its ability to defend and protect the skin from external factors). dermaviduals products are scientifically formulated to match the composition of the skin, thereby penetrating more effectively than traditional products that contain emulsifiers – sitting on the surface of the skin, offering only short-term results. Furthermore, dermaviduals serums are encapsulated in liposomal membranes comprised of physiological lipids (phosphatidylcholine), which merge with the barrier layers of the skin and penetrate through the lipid bilayers to deliver active ingredients. This provides an accurate and responsive delivery system. In addition to employing ground-breaking technology and the purest ingredients, this proven skin care concept can be tailored to individual skin types and conditions. The product range allows skin treatment therapists to individually customise creams, serums, cleansers and masks, with a choice of over 35 different active serums to treat virtually every skin concern.


Find your closest true corneotherapist here to find out what the fuss is all about!