La Bella Medispa Shares Secrets of Success

by | 18 October 2019

La Bella Medispa, named 2019 Australian Clinic of the Year by the Australian Beauty Industry Awards, do things with a difference. Owner, Rebecca Miller was born to lead and empower, so naturally we wanted to pick her brain! We sat down with Bec to learn how their Parkes-based clinic became the clinic all of Australia was talking about!


We all know that an amazing culture doesn’t happen by chance. Can you tell us how you curated La Bella’s culture?

“La Bella Medispa is a purpose-driven business and creating a dynamic culture has been a massive priority over the past 5 years. My job as a leader is to inspire our team to believe in the vision of the business and to communicate it in such a way that the whole team embraces the journey and our values. We are currently working towards our La Bella Mission, which is to treat and inspire 500,000 women by 2021! We believe in open and honest communication and really have transparency when it comes to our business and team; they are our people and on the front line moving our business forward, so understanding their intrinsic drivers is paramount. We want to provide our team with the opportunities to continually be encouraged and empowered to grow, not just as beauty professionals, but personally and feel like they are apart of something bigger then themselves.”


We’ve seen since the inception of your business, your focus on education as you expose yourself and your team to as many training sessions as you can in skin, beauty and business. How do ensure that your team’s educational evolution continues out of the classroom?

“Education of our team is crucial and at the core of what we do. At La Bella one of our values is constant, never-ending improvement and that means educating ourselves, growing, learning, and developing valuable skills. We encourage and support our team to step out of their comfort zone and continuously improve. As skin is our core area, we have introduced 2 hours of in-house training each Friday facilitated by my business partner, Jess Galvin. This has been a game-changer in building confidence within our team and in turn has had a ripple effect on our visiting guests, gaining their trust even further. We have made sure we are aligned with the best skincare products in the world, dermaviduals, who offer world-class education and really lead the way supporting our business of thinking therapists and have helped us create our award-winning clinics.”


What’s La Bella’s purpose?

“At La Bella Medispa, our purpose is to empower women to feel confident and educate them to love the skin they’re in. Our mission was to treat and inspire 100,000 women by 2020 but we have already achieved this, so we realised we needed to think bigger! Our La Bella mission is now to treat and inspire 500,000 women by 2021!”


How has taking time away from the businesses for your planning days changed your clinics?
“Our La Bella planning days have had such an impact on every part of our business. This has created an effective communication flow and high levels of execution and an unstoppable culture! We shut our businesses down 4 times a year to come together, collaborate and create our La Bella Medispa’s future in advance. We also make time for fun with lots of team bonding activities. We have created a safe space for our team to really be vulnerable to express themselves to talk about their hopes and dreams for their future and how we can support them achieving these.”


How do you create the ultimate customer experience?

“At La Bella we are obsessed with creating an unforgettable customer experience and continuously ask ourselves ‘how can we do it better’? La Bella Medispa is famous for its customer experience which starts from the moment we greet someone, how we smile at them, how we answer the phone and how our website looks; first impressions set the tone. We create a genuine and emotional connection with our clients and build trust through delivering desired results. We also make sure to consistently deliver the La Bella WOW, which is all the little extra things we do which makes our customer experience unforgettable and keeps our visiting guests coming back for more. It’s not what we do at La Bella, it’s how we make people feel. When you get the company culture right, great customer service, clear branding and happy employees, it ultimately leads to happy and satisfied customers.”