Meet Our Clinic of the Month, SANCTUM SKIN + HEALTH + BEAUTY!

by | 1 February 2019

 SANCTUM SKIN + HEALTH + BEAUTY is our Clinic of the Month for February 2019! Their holistic approach combines the skin treatment methodology, Corneotherapy and naturopathy; they are a one-stop-shop for health, skin and beauty. We chatted to owner, Tanja about her skin restoring clinic.


“It was my dream to have a clinic with dedicated therapists having the same passion, drive and vision as me – providing the best possible care for our clients. I wanted a clinic that would provide a holistic approach for our clients, treating the cause, as well as the visual symptoms. SANCTUM SKIN + HEALTH + BEAUTY is the result of this desire – a place where we improve our client’s health, looks and confidence. Our clients, and people searching for alternatives, are pleasantly surprised that, while we offer ‘standard’ beauty services, our strength in skin therapy, underpinned by Naturopathic expertise and effective, natural products, sets us apart from the average salon. We care, think and worry about every one of our clients. We think deeply about what else we can do to restore the natural health of their skin, and help them look and feel their best. It matters to us. Our clinic is set in Templestowe Village, Melbourne.  The village is aptly named – locals know & love it and it attracts people from further afield who know of the variety of shops and services available here. Being a local service provider is important to us.”



What’s your favourite thing about your job?
“Being able to make a change in peoples’ lives, their skin and overall health. For many years, I couldn’t find a skin clinic that could help me. I invested large sums of money into treatments and products but never saw the results I desperately wanted. So, I trained in skin therapy and Corneotherapy to help others with skin issues. I expanded these skills and knowledge with a degree in Naturopathy, so I could help clients by resolving issues both inside and out. The fact that we can provide these services to others, with amazing results, is the favourite thing about our job – along with our loyal and happy clients.” 


What is your personal mantra?
“Health is the greatest wealth we will ever have. Without our health, our vitality, our best energy, every part of our lives has the opportunity to suffer. Look after your health; take time for self care. Self care is extremely important in my field, where we offer support to others, and it’s crucial for me to have my batteries charged in order to look after my clients and patients.”



How has dermaviduals assisted your business?
“We have complete faith in dermaviduals’ capabilities and can show this time after time to our happy clients. We have many people coming to our clinic, unsatisfied with the results they are achieving with conventional skincare products. A consultation with our skin therapists allows us the instil confidence in our new client. This would mean nothing without the dermaviduals product set which allows us to fulfil our promises.”


What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why?
“It’s hard to single out specific products, but something as simple as Cleansing Milk with DMS is one of our heroes. We often use this as a starter for our clients, educating them that the product will, for a period of time, act as their moisturiser AS WELL as a cleanser… the look on their face tells us they’re sceptical. However, the look of amazement on their next visit tells us all we need to know. This allows the leap to prescribing a wider range of dermaviduals products to be easier for both the client, and us.”



What is your number one skin care tip?
“A simple daily routine of cleansing, application of moisturiser and a customised serum is crucial for the health of your skin. Equally important, and something often overlooked, is the importance of a healthy balanced diet. Opting for fresh (pesticide-free) foods, specifically lots of veggies and fruit, will provide all the nutrients and vitamins required for collagen production. Water is extremely important for normal skin function. It helps with hydration, delivery of nutrients to cells and detoxification. You should be consuming 30ml of water per kilo of your weight and more if you’re exercising.”


For more great skin & health tips, check out SANCTUM SKIN + HEALTH + BEAUTY’s website and follow them on Facebook & Instagram.