Meet Our June 2019 Clinic of the Month, JK Skin Beautique!

by | 1 June 2019

Located in the beachside suburb of Edithvale, surrounded by charming cafes and organic health food you will find JK Skin Beautique. As soon as you walk through the door you will be uplifted by vibrant energy with passion in the air. When a clinic has over 100 reviews on Google and Facebook, and all of them are 5 stars, you know you’re onto a seriously good thing! We spoke to owner, Jenae Weston, about her 5-star skin-saving hub. “We have a real girl power vibe to our store with crisp whites and pale pinks with black detailing. Our hidden sanctuary is in our refreshment lounge where you will relax and exhale for a moment, sipping on freshly brewed teas next to a candlelit fireplace filled with cushions & throws – this place is good for the soul.”



Our staff is small in numbers but large with passion. The beauty/skin industry has been a huge part of my life and I have always had a vision that I’ve worked towards. I have worked mainly in day spas while furthering my skin health qualifications. By 22 I was managing businesses and by the time I was 25 I was working for myself from home and now have my own shop, it is still quite a surreal thing to process! Then we have Steph who I have worked alongside for over 8 years. She is the queen of cosmetics, mastering the art of brow sculpting and tattooing, makeup & lashes. Then we have Kate our junior therapist who is full of passion and eagerness to grow. She has already undergone dermaviduals training and loving learning each and every day!”



Without a doubt, my clients are my favourite thing about my job. I somehow do what I love every day and get to call it work! Connecting with clients and bringing them happiness fills my soul. I love working with them for the results they are after and seeing them feel comfortable with me to message me anytime for help or an opinion. I genuinely want to help! Seeing the results, comparing the before & after photos, seeing a client’s confidence boom and knowing I helped with that while making a new friend – the best!”



To do things with purpose & passion and to follow what makes your soul happy is my mantra. If something is done with passion and coming from a genuine, authentic place the result will always be magic.”



Deciding to go with dermaviduals as my stockist is by far the best decision I have made. I have furthered and grown my knowledge and know there is still so much more growth to experience. Having custom skincare is unlike anything else! I feel you can really cater and tend to each individual’s skin properly and Corneotherapy is the healthiest & best delivery system for the skin. I know I can’t go back to anything else and I won’t need another range in my store!”



I love the bespoke custom serums. Being able to pick each ingredient we need to feed into the skin is amazing. All of my clients have had the best results once we added in a serum into their regime.”



My number one skin care tip is less is more! So many clients come in with such extensive regimes, which the majority of the time have been wrongly prescribed, which does more damage. You don’t need loads of products, we don’t want to mask problems or temporarily treat symptoms. We want to treat the cause and properly work with the skin and allow your skin, the cells and barrier to function the healthiest way they can with generally no more than 3 – 4 products in total.”



Our approach sets our clinic apart from others. We love the fact that we are more relaxed, yes we are a clinic but we don’t want to be overly clinical. We have a more relaxed uniform and pride ourselves on being approachable with clients. My clients know they can be completely open & comfortable with me and know that I understand other living expenses. I try and keep everything super affordable – I would prefer my client being able to afford the treatments and have the opportunity to come more regularly. My history in this industry is mainly in the day spa field and we have mastered the art of designing treatments where they are relaxing, filled with holistic touches but still ensure that they are of a clinical grade for skin health and results.”



“We have had the pleasure of having the cast from The Bachelor 2018 and Bachelor in Paradise 2019 come in, including the lovely Shannon Baff.”



To find out more about JK Skin Beautique (and their amazing skin results), check out their website or follow them on Instagram & Facebook.