Meet Team derma’s Annemarie

by | 17 July 2020

How would you describe yourself/how would your friends describe you?

I’d say I’m a positive person, adventurous (I love a planned or spontaneous getaway!) and I’m obsessed with dogs (especially my Theo). Friends would say that I love hosting a dinner party or cocktail night, that I’m easy going (maybe too easy going!?) and that I’m the absolute worst at texting back!  



Any hidden talents?

I’ve been honing my baking & cooking skills over the last few years, but not sure I can count them as a talent yet! Watch this space…



Are setting goals an important aspect for creating success?

Definitely! And even more important is to make a plan to reach them after setting them. 



What do you love about your career?

I love that I started with derma as a Christmas casual 8 years ago and just never left! My career has evolved from packing gift packs, to help out the Warehouse, to now sharing dermaviduals & skin knowledge with the world via our marketing. When I first left university, I didn’t think I wanted to use my PR degree, but working with such an ethical company that genuinely changes lives is so rewarding. So it’s been a windy road to get here, but I wouldn’t change a thing! I also love all the amazing people I get to work with – both in Team derma and our wonderful partners throughout Australia & New Zealand.



What are some tips to become motivated and stay motivated?

Knowing your why, and continuously coming back to that purpose.





– Pinch me moment… Marrying my best friend
– I’m really good at… Shopping
– What I do at derma aesthetics… I’m the Marketing Manager. Everyday is different and exciting!
– What I enjoy doing in my spare time… Walks with my dog, time with my husband & family, baking, gardening, exploring new places and sleeping in
– My weaknesses… Antipasti & cheeseboards



I hope you enjoyed our highlights on one of our real beauties….oh, and feel free to wish her happy 30th this week!!