Netball Star, Claire Kersten, Shares Her Skin Regime

by | 26 July 2019

It’s not easy balancing a netball career and everything life throws at you, including managing the health of your skin and Claire Kersten would know! Claire plays netball for the Central Pulse and the New Zealand National Netball Team in Wing Defence and Centre. A demanding training & game schedule coupled with lots of travel can wreak havoc on skin. We’re thrilled to help simplify this area of Claire’s life by helping her with her skin management!



Claire has been on her own bespoke skin treatment plan for a year now, which includes regular customised skin treatments at Skin Therapy with Corneotherapist, Olenka Joyce and a tailored home care regime. Claire says, “I use and love dermaviduals because I have seen results that I am genuinely really happy with. I have super sensitive skin, and while it took a little time to settle with my products, I can honestly say that I am the most comfortable with my skin I have been in a long time! I no longer have oily and dry patches, and my skin doesn’t fluctuate (seemingly for no reason) in the way that it used to.”



An advanced skin analysis showed that Claire’s skin was lipid-dry, so her tailored skincare regime includes lots of nourishing products and our famous DMS (an essential for skin restoration!) to address this. Claire currently uses our:

  • Cleansing Milk with DMS
  • Boswellia Nanoparticles
  • DMS Base Cream High Classic
  • DMS Mask with Vitamins
  • Oleogel Plus (this is such a saviour for sports hands!)
  • Suncream SPF 30

“The products feel great on – they’re light and breathable – and are quick and easy to use. I have struggled to find a range that works for my skin long term but I think I’m onto a winner here and definitely recommend the dermaviduals products if you’re looking to get your skin back on track.”



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