Our Top Travel Skincare Tips

by | 8 June 2018

Team Derma take their travel very seriously and have naturally nailed the art of packing a beauty bag. Want to know the travel tips of those in-the-know (and to snoop on some of their holiday snaps)? Read on!

“Go mini, it’s a no-brainer! You don’t want to be lugging around full-sized skincare products. Our Travel Kit has 4 perfectly sized products designed to keep your skin selfie-ready without the extra weight in your bag! Plus, they are all 50ml or under, so you can take them in your carry-on for some in-flight nourishment.” – Emma


“SPF should be the first thing that gets packed, for any trip! Did you know that according to MoleMap, airline staff’s chances of contracting skin cancer is almost twice that of the general population because of their repeated closer exposure to intense UV radiation while in flight? Most windows don’t have UV-A protection, so make sure you put on (and reapply) your SPF as necessary and put your window’s blind down as much as you can to reduce your exposure.” – Reika


“Talk to your skin treatment therapist about the climate you are visiting before you leave. The beauty of bespoke skincare, is that you can constantly adapt it to what your skin needs at any one time. They might prescribe a lighter cream for a warmer destination, or up your skin’s lipids intake if you’re heading somewhere cooler.” – Nicky


“Opt for multi-tasking products to make your skincare work harder for you and save precious space in your bag. I love the Total Cleansing Cream for my cleanser & my body wash and the Lotion N for a lipid spray & light body oil. I also love using my Eye Cream as a nourishing night cream.” – Annemarie


“Don’t forget the children’s skincare. The Oleogel K is a must for my family when we travel & camp. It keeps the kids’ skin barriers healthy, no matter the climate, is anti-inflammatory, renews damaged skin and facilitates skin healing.” – Monika


“Protect the lips! Barrier protection for your lips is essential for varying temps and wind & sun exposure. I choose Oleogel Plus or Lip Balm, as they contain no nasties and give my lips much needed TLC.” – Kerry


When you’re off on your next adventure with your dermaviduals, let us know by using the hashtag #travelwithdermaviduals – we can’t wait to see where in the world we end up!