Educational Series: Professional Skin Treatments – Customised at Each Step

by | 8 January 2024

In the realm of professional skincare, dermaviduals is synonymous with precision, unlocking the secrets to radiant skin through customised formulations. Guided by a skin-corrective system, this blog centers on the specialised treatment of pigmentation. It highlights the crucial role of the Skin Consultation process, paving the way for a professional dermaviduals facial treatment designed to address pigmentation issues and strengthen the skin barrier defence systems.  

Achieving healthy, functioning skin requires a targeted strategy. We initiate the process by repairing the epidermis, focusing on the acid mantle/microbiome, stratum corneum, and multi-lamellar lipid structure – the first three lines of skin barrier defence. This process lays the foundational groundwork necessary for a comprehensive approach to addressing any skin barrier condition or concern.  

In the treatment of pigmentation, it is imperative to incorporate the following by educating and guiding our clients on their unique skincare journey during their Skin Consultation process.  


Professional Products

Image courtesy of Unspoken Skin & Brows. Located in Caboolture, QLD.


Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 + 6) 

It is crucial to incorporate essential fatty acids to establish a nourishing environment that supports overall skin health. Specifically, the inclusion of SIMKA Alpha Omega-3, containing 99% DHA, can be emphasised for its role in enhancing cell membrane health for melanocytes and keratinocytes.  

Melanocytes and keratinocytes are two integral cell types within the skin, serving distinct purposes. Melanocytes, responsible for synthesising the pigment melanin, play a vital role in determining skin colour and addressing issues related to pigmentation. On the other hand, keratinocytes, the primary cells in the epidermis, assume a critical role in creating a protective barrier against environmental elements, pathogens, and regulating trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). 

SIMKA Alpha Omega-3 is essential for achieving and maintaining successful outcomes in all skin conditions, particularly in the context of pigmentation treatments.  

Reducing Free Radical Damage 

Combatting free radical damage involves utilising water and oil-soluble antioxidants, reinforcing the skin’s natural defences. This is essential for protecting the epidermis and enhancing the well-being of melanocytes and keratinocytes.  

UVR Protection 

Highlighting the paramount importance of UVR protection, our focus is on consistently incorporating dermaviduals Suncream SPF 15, UPF50+ sun hats, and polarised wrap-around sunglasses into the client’s routine. 

MSH Inhibitors and Tyrosinase Inhibition 

We implement strategic measures to suppress the production of melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) and hinder tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin production—a critical element in managing pigmentation.  

Now that we’ve comprehended the importance of the consultation process, let’s now delve into a professional dermaviduals facial treatment, consistently emphasising the support and management of pigmentation concerns.  


Skin Mask Application

Image courtesy of Saint Skin Clinic. Located in Sydney, NSW.


Customised dermaviduals Facial Treatment 


A professional dermaviduals facial treatment follows carefully planned steps, each precisely tailored to address the individual concerns of the client:  

Cleansing: Begin with a revitalising double cleanse using the Cleansing Milk with DMS. Enhance the experience by incorporating the Tenfione Semisomal Bath Oil as an extra step-up option, and feel free to explore other professional step-up alternatives for a more personalised experience. This thorough cleanse not only purifies the skin but also establishes the foundation for the subsequent steps in the facial treatment.  

Enzymatic Exfoliation: The Enzyme Treatment Mask for the treatment of pigmentation, ensures optimal enzyme function within the skin, complemented by the optional DMS Peeling Cream for advanced desquamation. The benefit of exfoliation unfolds as redundant corneocytes are lifted away, carrying with them aged melanin pigments. This exfoliation process unveils a revitalised, more radiant complexion.  


Professional Products


Treatment Tonic and Active Concentrates: Integrate a dermaviduals Treatment Tonic tailored to support the client’s unique skin type and condition. Follow this with the application of our bespoke active concentrates, including Complexion Skin Care Liposomes Plus, Whitening Concentrate, Vitamin C, and CM-Glucan Complex. Together, these formulations work synergistically to target the enzyme tyrosinase, effectively reducing the appearance of pigmentation within the skin.  

LED Technology and Massage: Utilise the power of LED technology to promote skin rejuvenation, complemented by circulation-enhancing massage techniques to support the health of the lymphatic and circulatory systems.  

Mask: The Alga-Based Mask, selected with meticulous care, plays a pivotal role in addressing pigmentation concerns. Enriched with essential vitamins including ßeta-carotene, B12, B1, B5, and B6, crucial for reinforcing the skin’s barrier defence systems, this mask stands out as an exceptional choice.  

Notably, Vitamin B12 assumes a key role in regulating melanin production, contributing to the comprehensive approach in managing pigmentation issues.  

Finishing Products: The bespoke facial treatment concludes with carefully chosen finishing touches, including Eye Cream, Vitamin Cream Mask (a leave-on moisturiser), and Suncream SPF 15. This meticulous selection guarantees a polished and sustainable result as the facial treatment concludes.  


Professional Products


In summary, within the realm of professional skincare treatments, dermaviduals excels as the leader in customisation. By placing emphasis on prioritising consultations and creating bespoke treatments, dermaviduals goes beyond the surface to unlock the full potential of each client’s skin, addressing not only their skin type but also catering to their unique and specific skin conditions and concerns.  

Thank you for taking the time to explore our blog, dedicated to the precision in professional skincare treatments with dermaviduals. To find your nearest practicing Corneotherapist, visit our clinic finder here. 


Written by Kai Atkinson