Robyn’s Skin Predictions for 2020

by | 27 December 2019

2020 marks the start of a new decade! Our team have been loving the wrap up articles (such as this one by Allure) coming out and reminding us of what we loved in 2010 and perhaps some makeup & fashion trends that we’d rather forget! But it got us thinking – what’s to come? We chatted to expert skin therapist, clinic owner, author and dermaviduals ambassador Robyn McAlpine to get the lowdown!

2020 is going to be a revolutionary year for skin and will see a significant shift in behaviours and the resurgence of getting back to basics and less is more; it will be all about transparency and honesty. In the previous decade there has been a number of skin trends, changes to technology and lots of new scientific research. Don’t worry, we have your back and can now spill everything you need to know about skin in 2020, with some interesting predictions to share ahead of the new decade!

Robyn says, “2020 brings a new decade where education and customisation in skincare is going to thrive even more so than ever before, extending to makeup. I have some strong predictions on what I think will be hot in the new year, but it’s always important to remember that trends come and go, and good skin is always in fashion.”


Here are Robyn’s top 6 predictions for 2020…



“I believe we are seeing a real shift in the way people are seeking their skin care. We are going back to the basics more than ever before and seeking out honest, factual skin care and advice. We are done with the invasive trend treatments. Customers are more awake to the marketing than ever before. There is so much more seeking of the ‘why’ behind everything they use and do to their skin.”



“The less is more approach is in! Skincare isn’t about having as many products in your bathroom cupboard as possible. Sustainable, skin friendly, active products is where it’s at. Having 3-4 high quality skincare products is what we will see
more of and making those products really work for you instead of having a huge collection of mix and match.”



“Bespoke is still going to be on the rise as more brands see that customers are wanting to dig deeper into a treatment that is tailored to them. But be wary of those only catering to the look and feel of a product and still not addressing the function of a bespoke product. Choosing your fragrance and consistency isn’t the same thing! By the end of this decade, I predict almost everyone will be strictly using bespoke skincare.”



“Transparency is going to be big in 2020. It’s becoming harder for brands to “sell” without science, proven results and quality ingredients, as social media and other forms allow for everyone to have a say and ask questions, loudly and publicly! We are all asking more questions and looking for deeper answers and will not stop until we find what we need.”



“Education in skin is going to explode in 2020. The thrill of seeking information is real with unlimited sources at our fingertips. Podcasts, audiobooks, new educational platforms and even traditional hard copy books are booming. What has been a skin therapists’ best kept secrets, my book ‘Skinside Out’ explains it all. In a funny, easy to read book that empowers us with an in-depth understanding of our skin, ‘Skinside Out’ is the book that every woman needs to read in 2020.”



“Makeup that’s made for you! The skin care makeup that is colour matched to your exact skin tone. dermaviduals deco is the ultimate in skin friendly makeup that gives you buildable coverage for that fresh skin look. Team it with the new dermaviduals Refillable Makeup Brush and its everything you’ll even need for the perfect base! It’s great for everyday use and unbeatable for use on-the-go.”


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