7 skincare survival tips for preventing dry skin this winter!

by | 6 June 2022

Winter is upon us, once again! Is your skin starting to feel dry, chapped, or maybe even tight? As the frosty mornings kick in, cold winds ramp up and the humidity drops, your skin may be starting to feel the change in seasons.

We want to help you rid that uncomfortable feeling your skin might be experiencing with these seven survival tips, so you can feel confident in your own skin. Plus, we share some essential winter skincare products to ensure your skin is glowing all winter long.

dermaviduals tips for preventing dry skin this winter!

So, what can you do to prevent dry skin this winter?


Routine, routine, routine! It is important to not let things slide when the temperature drops. The weather can be unmotivating, sometimes challenging and even outright unpleasant, but this is the time to ensure you look after yourself and give your skin what it needs to fend off the winter chill. Here are our 7 skincare survival tips for preventing dry skin:

1. Keep the H2O coming


As the temperature drops your skin will become increasingly drier and more susceptible to irritation, especially with heating. Ensure you drink plenty of water every day and try swapping the coffee (or that extra cup) with herbal teas or warm lemon water to keep hydrated from the inside out.

2. Turn down the heat (including the shower/bath)


It is tempting to turn up the heat in the home or office, but your skin won’t be thanking you. This applies to long hot showers and baths also. As the heat increases, your blood vessels will dilate, which can lead to blotchy skin, uneven pigmentation, or dilated capillaries. To top things off the increased heat may damage collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis, leading to premature wrinkles.

Consider the length of your showers or baths, the water temperature and when you jump out ensure you don’t sit right in front of the heater or fireplace. Direct the heater away from your skin and try for a moderate room temperature.

3. Essential Fatty Acids, emphasis on ‘essential’!


Essential fatty acids are crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Topical creams containing EFA’s can penetrate your skin and provide the hydration it needs to prevent dry skin. However, this is temporary and why it is essential you are getting enough omega-3 fats in your diet, such as fish, eggs, flaxseed oil and supplementation. When combined your skin will be receiving EFAs both from the outside in and inside out, ensuring a happy, healthy complexion.

We asked Lisa Paone, Head of Education at dermaviduals, to help explain the science behind it all, ‘Essential fatty acids are an integral component for the development of healthy cell membranes throughout the body and greatly affect the function of receptors, ports and channels embedded within this lipid-rich membrane. Receptors, ports and channels allow for the passive and active transfer of essential cell nutrients along with the removal of waste, thus providing the foundation for a well-functioning skin. Without adequate essential fatty acids, the transfer of nutrients and other by-products can slow, resulting in a less than adequate function of the cells and is referred to as ‘essential fatty acid deficiency (EFAD). Typically, this can result in skin barrier disorders that often present as dry, flaky, itchy or inflamed skin. dermaviduals formulations containing essential fatty acids aid in providing the skin with the building blocks required to create a well-functioning skin.’

4. Consider what you wear


If your skin is dry, sensitive, or flaky avoid harsh materials that exacerbate the problem. Look for natural fabrics (cotton, silk, wool etc), loose fitting cuts, layers and comfortable textures that allow your skin to breathe. Another great tip is to use laundry detergents formulated for sensitive skin that are free of harsh chemicals and fragrances.

5. Sunscreen Please!… (Even on overcast days)


For many of us we associate mainly hot summer days with sunscreen application, but this is just not true. We should all be slip, slop, slapping every day! If exposed, the sun’s UV light can damage your skin’s barrier, which reduces ceramide levels leading to a loss of moisture and eventually dry skin. Ensure you apply the sunscreen every morning as a last step to your skincare routine.

6. Cleanse, tone & moisturise! The right way.


The winter months call for some tweaks to our skincare routine to prevent dry skin, which a qualified skin treatment therapist can assist you with. This is because the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands slow down as the temperature and humidity drop. Now add in the cold + wind and your skin starts to dry rather quickly.

What’s amazing about dermaviduals is the unique delivery system, which is based on the principles of corneotherapy. The beauty of this science-based system is that it works to ensure the epidermis is always kept intact, so it can defend itself against winters elements.

The secret to the delivery system is the Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) topical cream, which mimics the skins natural barrier to protect what lies beneath. dermaviduals doesn’t use conventional emulsifiers, which build up on the surface and dissolve natural lipids. This means the DMS can penetrate your skin and get to where it needs, so your skin thrives all winter long!

Plus, the skincare range can be customised for your skin and its condition. For those like myself who suffer from chronic illness, skin conditions or other medical related problems, it means you have a prescription that’s right for you this season.

dermaviduals baseline skincare routine has your cleanser, treatment tonic or lotion, serum and moisturiser covered. Your skin will be glowing this winter from the outside in & the inside out.

SKINCARE TIP: Always look for formulations that DO NOT contain any of the nasties. This includes fragrances, preservatives, parabens, conventional emulsifiers, artificial colours, mineral oils, silicones and amines.

7. Book in for your updated skincare prescription!


If you have not been following a skincare routine, that’s okay. We all need to start somewhere. It was only six months ago I began my dermaviduals prescription. Before that I was a hot mess with my skincare, but now with a solid routine locked in, this winter is looking and feeling good. We share some details below on how to locate your nearest skin treatment therapist, so make sure to read on.

For those who may already have a skin treatment therapist, make sure to book in for your winter consult so your skin is prepared for anything this winter tries to throw your way!

What essential products can you start using today, to prevent dry skin during the winter months?


This month we will share with you two of our favourite essential winter skincare products, with a few more secrets to come in July.

The dermaviduals lip balm is an absolute must-have to protect and/or heal your lips in the cooler temperatures. Made from natural waxes consisting of shea butter, carnauba wax, beeswax and propolis, the formulation glides on smoothly leaving your lips nourished.

To protect your lips, especially from wind burn, its best to apply in the morning and evening after your dermaviduals skincare routine. However, if your lips are already dry, chapped or cracked it’s good to re-apply throughout the day as required.

dermaviduals lip balm


Next up, Oleogel Plus! Not only one of our favourites, but a best seller and for good reason. The Oleogel Plus is used for extremely dehydrated and reactive skin, which tends to spike in the cooler months.

The formulation has been designed to penetrate the skin very quickly using high-quality skin care oils of plant origin due to their natural membrane components. Plus, being water-free means it provides incredible protection against environmental damage and bacteria. To top things off, it is ideal for reactive skins, such as dermatitis, that can’t tolerate water.

There are so many applications, some of which include barrier protection of broken or reactive skin, eye contour care, perianal skin care, nappy rash, wound healing, cuticle treatment, calluses, and lip care.  The Oleogel Plus will leave your skin smooth, soft, and glowing this winter, when you need it most.

dermaviduals Oleogel Plus

Thinking about updating your skincare to prevent dry skin this winter?  For the month of June, clinics are running mid-year promotions! Shop in-clinic for all your favourites while you can.


dermaviduals mid-year sales 2022

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