The Skin Whisperer’s 2020 Business Game Plan

by | 3 January 2020

Wow, where did this 2019 go!? I love using the start of a fresh year as an opportunity to take a step back, to look at my life & business and reflect on the year that’s been. Unfortunately, we are programmed that once the year is over to start all over again with massive, unrealistic goals that can leave us disappointed and feel like we have failed if we don’t achieve them.

A new year is just a continuation of our journey. It’s a time for reflection, celebration, recalibration and a great time for some critical evaluation of our business and self, really asking ourselves the BIG questions and working out the things that light up our core and fundamentally living our purpose. This is a good time to think about the jobs that could be delegated to free up your time working on and creating more time for ourselves, our families and the things that are important to us, especially creating impact and leaving our legacy behind.

I just have a feeling 2020 is going to be epic! This doesn’t happen by chance; it happens by planning your future in advance. Thinking big, creating and taking action and setting smart goals that are achievable to set ourselves up for success, fulfilment and happiness. When your intentions are clear, the magic appears! I’m a big believer in planning and structure to create rhythm in life. This requires consistency and a certain level of discipline. Let me share with you a few tips on welcoming in a new year, taking the pressure away and not just looking at the new year, but every day and moment as an opportunity to be living your best life.


Take regular breaks

Take a break to rest, recharge and connect with your loved ones… I always take a well-deserved break to really come into the new year feeling fresh and energised with a clear mind and ready to create magic. Taking time out increases productivity, creativity and replenishes the mind, body and soul. I would also recommend that this is a great time to block out regular breaks throughout the year so you have something to really look forward to and know you are taking care of yourself mentally and allowing yourself to reenergise. Taking regular breaks, even if it’s just a long weekend, makes us better at our work, more available to our relationships and the feeling of deep connection to self and others.


Reflection time

This is where I sit down without distractions and write down all the amazing achievements for the year that has passed. I think that as business owners and entrepreneurs, our lives are so fast paced, we quite often forget to enjoy the wins and celebrate our journey. So writing these down is a great way to really reflect and enjoy the moment and to feel grateful for all the opportunities that have presented themselves. I also write down my lessons learnt – what could I have done better? What up-skilling, knowledge and experiences do I need to get me from where I am to where I want to be?

I then think if there weren’t any obstacles in my way, what does 2020 look like? This is where I think big and really go into my creative mode to set my intentions for the year ahead. I do this process on big pieces of butcher’s paper and put them up on the wall beside my bed, so each day I know what I’m striving for, keeping me motivated.


Strategic team planning

Strategic planning with our teams have been the fundamental game changer and is the secret sauce to our success. Our teams are really clear and aligned to our business’ purpose and 10 year mission. Together we have created our cultural values we live by as our guiding principles, creating a can-do high-performing team. We close our businesses 4 times a year to collaborate as a group and work out our annual and quarterly priorities/objectives, always working towards our business’ mission.

We have adopted meeting rhythms to keep our team accountable with quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily huddles. This has created high levels of efficiency and flow.

Our planning days have encouraged a new level of connection and inspiration allowing our teams to think big, grow and expand personally & professional taking them on a journey of personal discovery. Our strategic planning process includes accomplishments, as individuals and as a business, lessons learnt and examining our strengths, weakness and trends that could impact our businesses in the future. We then reverse engineer the annual priorities and create quarterly tactical priorities, weekly smart goals, and daily tasks. Planning with your team is crucial for business success and creating a kick-arse game plan to curate a sustainable future for your business. Small things, done consistently create huge results.


Individual Momentum Sessions with your team members

We diarise regular Individual Momentum Sessions with all of our team members. This is an opportunity to really check in with your team on an individual basis to see how they are travelling. Your team want to feel valued, feel safe and are looking for empowering leader to follow. This is intimate time to ask about their individual needs & journeys and ask if they require additional support.


Continuous growth and learning

What skills, knowledge and experience do I need to increase my effectiveness and help me expand emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually professionally? I write my wish list of training, courses and seminars for the year and commit to taking the time to continue to grow and expand.


Morning rituals

I’m a massive supporter of a good morning routine. How you start your day is how your day plays out. The mind is the most important muscle and we need to take care of it. What you put into your mind determines your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your actions, your actions determine your results. My morning routine consists of meditation (which, believe me, has been a challenge with my busy mind!) journaling, affirmations and of course gratitude. I have found being consistent with my morning rituals keeps me calm and more present as a mum and in all areas of my life.


Self care & gratitude

Your mind, body and soul can only perform as well as it is being fed and hydrated. Being conscious of what my body needs and what I’m eating to fuel it is essential for me and my energy levels.

Personally, I need to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, so I’m massive on making sure I’m in bed early to get those 7 hours. My mind is fresh when I wake up, ready to tackle the world.

Being active is also vital for me. Exercise stimulates the happy hormone, so block out 30 minutes a day to keep active – this will also increase your energy levels. We can’t control time but we can control our energy levels to ensure we show up at our best.

Taking time out to really breath properly is another element I focus on. Breathing is the first thing we do when we are birthed and the last thing we do when we die; it has a massive job in our life. Through our breathing, we bring not only oxygen to our body but also excrete toxic substances that we have created. Bad breathing can cause these things to stagnate in our bodies and damage our organs. We know that when we are upset and stressed our breathing becomes shallow and breathing deeply and slowly instantly calms us down mentally and physically. I take around 1 minute intervals 10 times a day to breath well, which keeps me very calm and grounded.

Lastly, take the time each day to be grateful. Let’s be honest, we are very lucky for the life we live. Expressing gratitude has changed my life and it only take a few minutes at the end of the day. I lay in bed and just list all the thing I’m grateful for – it’s a great way to end the day!


Let’s smash 2020 together!

Bec xx