These Corneotherapists Are Changing Lives, Not Just Skins

by | 2 August 2019

One of our most popular categories in our Clinic Awards is the category of Best Before & After Photos (it can also be one of the hardest to judge!). This year was no different to previous years, with an incredible amount of high calibre entries! It is amazing to see the passion and knowledge of our Corneotherapists reflected in life-changing skin journeys!

We recently announced our Clinic Awards Finalists for this year (if you missed it, catch up here), which included these talented therapists and results…


New Zealand finalists


Caryn Hardy, Pamper Pod



Time between photos: 1 week

Treated with: Oleogel Plus and a customised serum of D-Panthenol, CM Glucan, Boswellia Nanoparticles and Zinc Liposome Serum.

Caryn’s client says, “I fell ill over the weekend of 9th June and was admitted to hospital after my face swelled up and blisters developed. Blood tests revealed incredible high infection levels and an internal bacterial infection was suspected. The specialists at the hospital couldn’t determine the cause of the infection and administered IV antibiotics to bring things under control. I was discharged on 13th June, still with no definitive answers as to what may have caused such severe illness and the consequent blisters and facial swelling. In an attempt to make myself feel better I cleansed my face on the evening of the 13th with my regular products and my skin immediately felt hot and irritated. I applied my regular moisturiser but that didn’t seem to calm things down at all. On Friday 14th I called Caryn at Pamper Pod to ask if there was anything she could recommend –and within the hour she had delivered a pot of “magic” to my doorstep. I was instructed to apply nothing to my skin except this product (Oleogel Plus). With scepticism I followed instructions, not expecting to notice much of a change from applying just this one product – but after about an hour after the first application it was like the fire in my face had been put out. By the next morning I was amazed at how much better my skin felt and looked. Caryn was concerned about the risk of pigmentation so suggested we introduce a serum to assist with the healing process. This was a game changer. Within 7 days my skin looked back to normal. Who would have thought the combination of an amazing skin therapist that knows her stuff and a little pot of magical cream could make such a difference in just a week – I’m absolutely blown away by the results.”


Karen Black, Skin Perfection



Time between photos: 3 weeks

Treated with: a home care prescription of DMS Cleansing Milk, DMS Base Cream High Classic, Liposome Concentrate Plus, Kiwi Seed Oil Nanoparticles, Linseed Oil Nanoparticles and Avocado Oil. The home care regime had to be changed frequently to help with the changes that happened in the skin. Supplements were introduced by Skin Perfection’s naturopath to address internal inflammation & assist with the healing of the skin. In clinic, the skin was supported with MAX+ LED Light Therapy treatments.

Karen’s client says, “Karen has been helping me treat my perioral dermatitis, which I get when I’m pregnant (I’m currently pregnant). It got really dry, sore angry, inflamed and itchy. It was cracked and I jut wanted to scratch my face. I tried different creams and things, recommended by doctors and it wasn’t until I went to my midwife who recommended Karen and her treatments/products which I thought I would give a go. I’ve been seeing Karen for about a month now and she’s been treating my skin with dermaviduals products, which have been amazing! The serums were to heal the problem area, which it has… you can hardly even notice it; it has come a long way. Within 2 days of using the serums, it took away the pain, itchiness, dryness and stinging I was experiencing, which was amazing; very healing products. We’re currently still using the dermaviduals products and LED Light Therapy to address the redness which is still present, but it is definitely disappearing! I am very thankful for Karen and her help. She is very, very knowledgable – I have been to multiple other beauty clinics to treat this but they didn’t have the knowledge or grade of products Karen has! She is very passionate about hat she does and is very positive, which is very nice for someone like myself dealing with this – I was very self conscious of it and it knocked my self confidence hugely. I like wearing makeup, but even wearing makeup, I felt ugly – I just wanted to hide away and now I am starting to get that confidence back and that’s purely from Karen & her naturopath’s help. I just want to thank Karen… It’s only been coming up to 5 weeks and the results have been amazing; I’m very impressed and I thank her very much.”


Nina Quan, Skin Image



Time between photos: 14 months

Treated with: a home care regime of Cleansing Milk with DMS, Lotion N, Liposome Concentrate Plus to start with then graduated to a Bespoke Serum (containing Liposome Concentrate Plus, Boswellia Nanoparticles, Butcher’s Broom Serum & Linseed Oil Nanoparticles), DMS Base Cream High Classic and Suncream SPF 30. Plus, in clinic customised facial treatments every 8 weeks with Enzyme Treatment Masks & Serum Infusions.

Nina’s client says, “I had never been to a beauty clinic before. It was August 2017 when I went for a consultation with Nina. I have been going ever since (every 6 – 8 weeks) for treatments on my face. It has been 20 months now and there is a HUGE improvement! Thanks Nina.”


Australian finalists


Brooke Allan, Asthetique Skin Care



Time between photos: 16 months

Treated with: a home care regime of Cleansing Gel, DMS Base Cream High Classic and internal essential fatty acids (Bestow Beauty Plus Oil). Lotion P was introduced after a few weeks. Months later, a Bespoke Complexion Code Serum was added to the regime. Her current regime has been tweaked and includes Total Cleansing Cream, Lotion N & Lotion P, a Bespoke Serum, DMS Base Cream High Classic or PlutioDerm Plus as a moisturiser and an MTS-Roller for home-rolling (Brooke says, “this is where her skin really transformed!). In clinic facial treatments were only LED Light Therapy to start, which then led into Enzyme Facials combined with LED.

Brooke’s client says, “So back in February 2017 I decided to get off the pill and do something about my skin, I had been on medication for my skin for 2 years, I started taking creams, then liquids then pills, until a friend recommended me to Asthetique. That was by far the best decision that I had ever done! As a teenage girl, skin was my biggest problem, it brought me down in so many ways, I gave my trust and time into Brooke to work her magic and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My skin got worse before it got better and I thought it was the end of the world back then, but I pulled through and so did Brooke and here I am. I have all the confidence I’ve always dreamed of having and I can finally go to school without having to hide my face because of the nasty comments people used to make about me. Now my skin is clear, I still plan on coming in to get more treatments because every little treatment helps me more, not just for my looks but my self esteem as well! I couldn’t thank Brooke enough, not only for doing her job but how truthful and honest she was with me the whole time; she’s my skin mum.”


Jess Galvin, La Bella Medispa (Parkes)



Time between photos: 1 year

Treated with: a home care prescription of Cleansing Milk with DMS, Lotion N, DMS Base Cream High Classic, Oleogel Plus, Liposome Concentrate Plus and Vitamin E Nanoparticles. These products had to be introduced slowly for the condition, perioral dermatitis, as introducing them all at once was too much for the skin. Current prescription contains Cleansing Milk with DMS, Lotion N, Vitamin E Nanoparticles, Liposome Concentrate Plus, Novrithren, Oleogel Plus and Lip Balm. Internal gut health was also addressed (using Beauty Chef Glow and Cleanse powder, Miss Vitality Good Oils, Bestow Beauty Beautea). In clinic facial treatments included Enzyme and Max+ LED Light Therapy every 3 weeks. Every second appointment Alga or Terra Sana Mask, dependent on skin condition. Note: No steroids or antibiotics were used to treat this skin.

Jess’ client says, “I cannot recommend Jess at La Bella Medispa more highly! With a focus on education and complete wellbeing she has helped me through an epic skin journey over a period of 12 months. When I came to see Jess my skin was extremely irritated, by this point it had taken a detrimental toll on my confidence. Jess was clearly invested in finding the root cause of my perioral dermatitis in order to find a long term solution. The goal: heal me from the inside out avoiding steroids and antibiotics. Over weeks at a time we trialed diet plans and supplements to repair my gut paired with topical dermaviduals cleansers and serums that were tailored specifically to me! Every decision Jess made was substantiated with knowledge and studies. We undertook a massive process of elimination. Moving forward with Jess’ guidance we have found the perfect combination of dermaviduals and dermaviduals deco products that work for me, we know what foods and hormones trigger a flare up and I manage my stress well utilising her techniques. I have always felt comfortable checking in (sometimes a lot!) and was followed
up regularly. Jess went above and beyond, working outside work hours, showing genuine concern and educating me. I am so thankful to Jess for restoring my confidence, completely transforming
not only my skin but also my gut health and mind for the better.”


Joanne Jones, The Facialist



Time between photos: 15 weeks

Treated with: Oleogel Plus (other products used on face include Cleansing Milk, Lotion N and Eye Cream) and internal supplements taken daily (Collagen Elixir The Beauty Chef and Plant-Based EFA Liquid Bestow Beauty) plus bespoke in-clinic treatments with LED Light Therapy.

Jo’s client says, “Jo has been my beauty therapist for over 20 years. I needed to have surgery on my face and I was nervous and worried about it. I spoke with Jo. Jo recommended Oleogel Plus as her mother in-law had a similar problem (she used Oleogel Plus and was more than pleased with the results). I took Jo’s advice and a week before my procedure I used Oleogel Plus. After the stitches were removed, I once again used Oleogel Plus. I have continued to use it 3 times a day, massaging into skin over the scar. I am thrilled with the lack of scarring! Thank you, Jo!”


Lily Campbell, Skin Solutions Beauty & Skin Clinic



Time between photos: 1 year

Treated with: a home care prescription of Total Cleansing Cream, DMS Base Cream High Classic and DMS Peeling Cream. Plus 4 x Customised Facial Treatments including Enzyme Treatment Masks, Bespoke Serum Blend, Massage, Base Modelage Masks and LED Light Therapy.

Lily’s client says, “I am very glad to have come across Skin Solutions. I never thought I would be able to reduce the redness in my skin. I love my dermaviduals products (especially the High Classic moisturiser) and could never use anything else on my skin! Lily has always been great at educating me about my skin and how dermaviduals is different to brands that I have used in the past.”


We’ll be announcing the winners at our Clinic Awards Gala Nights coming up on August 11 in New Zealand and August 26 in Australia. Good luck, finalists!

If you’re looking for a skin treatment therapist with knowledge second-to-none, a truly caring approach and outstanding bespoke products and treatments, look no further. We can’t recommend our dermaviduals Corneotherapists enough (after all, the proof is in the pudding)! Find your closest one here.