This Product Covers 90% Of Your Skincare Needs

by | 8 December 2018

Ever wondered which product puts in the hardest yards when it comes to your skincare routine? Well, according to Dr. Hans Lautenschläger, the scientist behind our brand, it is your Base Cream. He states they “cover about 90% of skincare needs.” 


When you look at the impressive ingredients list, it’s no wonder. It is chock-a-block full of hard-working, skin-loving ingredients such as: 

  • Triglycerides (lipids which moisturise & replenish the skin)
  • Phytosterols (restores & replenishes)
  • Phosphatidylcholine (which encourages healing, hydration, replenishment and restoration in the skin)
  • Squalane (derived from olives, it prevents moisture loss in your skin)
  • Ceramides (to support your skin barrier)
Of course our DMS Base Creams also include our famous Derma Membrane Structure. DMS physiologically mimics your stratum corneum in composition and function to maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent the breakdown of the stratum corneum’s protective components. When your skin’s protective layer is intact and healthy, your skin’s ability to hold its natural hydration will be balanced and functioning as it should. Learn more about DMS here.


Dr. Lautenschläger goes on to say “as a very general rule, one single Base Cream for the morning and evening application can provide perfectly balanced skin care”. Of course, we know the importance of cleansing and your skin may require more ingredients to achieve skin health (always chat to your skin treatment therapist about what is best for your skin!), but it is amazing to think of all the work this one product does! MVP, am I right?!


This product proves its worth even more when it can be made especially for your skin, including active ingredients tailored to help you achieve your skin goals. This month we are giving you 15% off customised Base Creams & Gels (in participating dermaviduals clinics). That’s a big win for your skin! Find your closest dermaviduals clinic now to nab a bespoke Base Cream (or Gel) bargain.