Toners vs Lotions

by | 14 September 2023

Toners and lotions are similar in the sense that they have been formulated to be used right after cleaning your skin, but in fact, they are two completely different skincare products that commonly get mistaken for the same thing.

In truth, the only common element between toners and treatment lotions is their liquid form – so what sets them apart?

In a nutshell, toners are used for removing impurities from the skin. Conventional toners typically contain high levels of alcohol and have been known to remove oil and water secretions from the skin, causing dryness, sensitivity, and inflammation. Lotions, however, are packed with moisturising and nourishing agents that balance pH, restore moisture loss in the epidermis and help to prep and prime the skin prior to the application of active ingredients.

Picking the right lotion for your skin…

Lotions (or Treatment Tonics) should be designed to work with the skin and not strip or disrupt important lines of skin barrier defense, so how do you select the right lotion for your individual skin type? Let’s explore our four Treatment Tonics within the dermaviduals range, to give you an idea of what a well-formulated lotion can do for your skin.

Face Lotion M - a skin treatment tonic for care and support of connective tissue and capillaries. 

  • Moisturising
  • Calming
  • Tightening
  • Capillary strengthening
  • Cooling and refreshing
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Regenerative


Toners vs Lotions?

Süüsmoon Lotion P - a corrective tonic for the care and prevention of blemished prone and congested skin.

  • Aids in penetration of products  
  • Prevents congestion and hyperkeratinisation  
  • Care of psoriasis and keratosis pilaris  
  • Rich in linoleic acid  
  • Regenerative  

Toners vs Lotions?

Süüsmoon Lotion N - a nourishing lipid rich spritz for the care of dehydrated, essential fatty acid deficient and acne prone skin.

  • Regeneration of lipid dry skin  
  • Enriched with omega 3 + 6   
  • Softening and smoothing  
  • Supports repair of skin barrier function  
  • Ideal for acne tarda (dry acne)  
  • Nourishing spritz for the whole body

Toners vs Lotions?

Face Tonic - a refreshing tonic enriched with moisturising cucumber extract used to prepare the skin for the application of serums after cleansing.

  • Calming  
  • Regenerative  
  • Retains water in the skin  
  • Balances hydration  

Toners vs Lotions?

Did you know…  

Applying water-based products such as a Lotion or Treatment Tonic to damp skin can help enhance absorption and hydrating properties of the product itself! Pat-dry your skin after cleansing, gently spritz your lotion or tonic into that palm of your hand and press into the entire facial landscape. Follow with the application of your bespoke serum and base cream.  

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