What We’re Binging in ISO?

by | 24 April 2020

What We’re Binging in ISO?

While some of us have been cooking up a storm, and dusting off cookbooks that have been hidden in the depths, as we had reverted to ‘easy cook’ solutions in our overly busy lives, others have been watching up a cyclone on Netflix or drowning out the isolation boredom with a podcast frenzy, including; Heal Thy Skin, The Conscious Podcast, Low Tox Fox Life, Almost 30, The One You Feed, Rise & Conquer, Dermcast TV, The ATP Project, How I Built This; Masters of Scale, Without Fail, Super Soul Sunday, Thrive Global, The Disruptors- The Future of All of Us, Exponential Wisdom…just to name a few.

What have you been creatively energising your day with during this Covid-19 “lockdown”?

I must say it took me a few weeks to really get the gist of it, and nothing seemed to be of interest to help pass my day…but like a good storm, it was set in and I had to come to terms with stepping outside my daily routine and realise that being at home 24/7 wasn’t actually that bad, and wow…look what I could really achieve!

I decided to pry and knowing I ironically wasn’t ‘alone’ in my ISO cloud, I decided to ask Team Derma what they were all ‘bingeing’ on and how they were filling their days. Much like me as the novelty of “doing nothing” wore thin, the team had all discovered or rediscovered passions and hobbies that they had not had the luxury of dedicating time to for so long, as our lives had all become so consumed with the idea of being… “too busy!”

Living amongst an oblivious state of utter confusion or disorder with our dated and disorganised home décor, many of us have cleverly cleaned, mucked-out, and sold unwanted items on FB marketplace; where our clutter has so interestingly become someone else’s sought after treasure.

We have order in our underwear drawers and bathroom cupboards, we have dedicated dermaviduals shelves, the ‘germaphobes” amongst us have disinfected surfaces leaving no chance of Coronavirus survival, and the need to re-paint and re-decorate became a must! We have become talented DIY specialists where makeovers now not only refer to our face and décolletage, but incorporate our entire houses.


Essential item shortages are no longer limited to toilet paper and hand sanitiser, as we’ve now bought out cities of jigsaws. Testing the “even-not-so-patient’ has been our mission and there is now a new trend to “swap or trade” a good jigsaw, personally I have discovered, just another obstacle on which to collect dust! Others have taken hobbies to a new level crocheting large luxurious throws and rediscovering their creative abilities or taking on YouTube tutorials as they create their path as beginner watercolour artists!


For the more energetically inclined, we have joined exercise groups on FB or even YouTube and the motivation to get fit has re-emerged.  We have discovered ‘bewildering’ walking trails, we never knew existed at our back doors and our dogs are quite honestly just exhausted! (On the topic of our dogs, surprisingly, I believe there a few beauty desperados amongst us and their canine friends are benefiting…refer image below). There is a common mission to “come out the other side” fit, healthy and with glowing skin and we are all motivated by the “challenge”.


Our marketing team has dominated Instagram and offered a dermaviduals 30 day skin challenge, and we are suggesting to follow the 💙 on our website’s clinic finder, to ensure you are well connected with your local dermaviduals clinic.

As well, Team Derma while busy adopting working from home protocol have been diligent in supporting their derma partners and clients. We have successfully transformed our specialised and highly sought after classroom training classes to online, we have offered FB live informative sessions, we have re-invented our website driving passionate dermaviduals users to their local clinics, we have ramped our presence on socials and we have continued to effectively run our warehouse, supplying dermaviduals all over Australia and New Zealand.


What has been keeping you busy while social isolating? Share with us in the comments!