Who is ready for the Skin Fuel facial!

by | 6 November 2020

We fuel our body with nutrients, we fuel our brain with positive thoughts and resilience (and omega 3’s!), we fuel our heart with compassion and love, and we fuel our skin with dermaviduals.


Welcome to the dermaviduals in clinic Skin Fuel facial!


Why you need a skin fuel facial:

This treatment was created and designed with clients experiencing oxidative stress and/or lipid peroxidation in mind. With welcoming November, we are continuing with the added stress of COVID-19 and mild restrictions still around some of us, Christmas around the corner and continued change. That sure sounds like an abundance of oxidative stress to me!

This treatment is a perfect ‘pick me up. It aims to super-charge the mitochondria (which is considered the ‘battery source’ of a cell membrane), bringing back vitality to the skin, along with the body and soul – through the warming of your therapist hands and their nurturing in clinic nature.

What to expect:

Experience our Skin Fuel custom cleanser

The mixture of our dermaviduals Total Cleansing Cream with Tenfinoe Semisomal Bath is the ultimate in indulgent cleansing. What better way to begin 90 minutes of relaxation than being emersed in this creamy blend of natural oils (Avocado and Olive oil) with the added care of Vitamin E.

Exfoliate or Desquamate?

Enzymes are biological protein molecules referred to as biocatalysts that increase the rate of chemical reactions in cells. Carica Papaya Fruit and Ananas Sativus Fruit (Pineapple) are naturally rich in the proteolytic enzymes papaine and bromelaine. These enzymes break down cell bonds through a digestive process with the proteins in the stratum corneum (corneocytes) and remove superficial cells. This, with the added benefits of Kaolin, Diatomaceous earth and Bentonite give detoxifying, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties to this superstar product. Who wouldn’t want to occasionally assist the skins natural desquamation process?

The actives, the delivery, the fuelling behind the Skin Fuel Facial.

  • Isoflavone Serum
    • The type of iso we like! A Free radical scavenger, Rich in polyphenols giving potent antioxidant properties, slows collagen degeneration by inhibiting collagenase, rebalances high testosterone levels and increases skin hydration.
  • Coenzyme Q10 Nanoparticles
    • The crème de la crème, super-charging the mitochondria is this guy’s bread and butter. Aiding in microcirculation, increasing cellular energy, lipid metabolism and boosting collagen production. With the added benefit of antioxidant properties, like I said, the crème de la crème of fuelling!
  • Green Tea Extract
    • A superhero ingredient from acne to aging, rich in polyphenols, anti-inflammatory, inhibiting collagenase, antioxidant properties while also stimulating microcirculation.
  • Vitamin E Nanoparticles
    • A quiet over achiever who likes the help of his friends, Vitamin E nanoparticles is an antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory, it increases hydration, improves skin elasticity and supports the renewal of skin cells. Protecting the cells against UV damage while reducing diffused redness, this nano is a busy bee.
  • Vitamin C Liposome Concentrate
    • This concentrate is legendary for a reason! Stimulating collagen synthesis, an anti-inflammatory, Tyrosinase inhibitor, aswell as a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals. Not to forget also aiding in the healing and brightening of the skin.

epi nouvelle+ naturelle, mademoiselle?

Made from a skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from raw vegetable materials. Dubbed the Microbiome mask, it adds in skin regeneration, improves complexion, cools, soothes, and increases skin hydration. With the added benefit of reusing again within 4 hours, so you can take it home and use it again at night. Anyone who has used it knows, it is love at first application.

So, who’s with me and ready for the Skin Fuel Treatment? Find your local dermaviduals clinic in our clinic finder here and book in to be refuelled before Christmas, there is no better time…and then float home to enjoy a”fuelling” green tea, and maybe re-apply your ‘epi’ mask….you’ll thank us 💚



Thank you to our lovely Jess Goodman for the inspo and her writing here 💙