Why we love Dermaviduals travel kits

by | 29 December 2022

They’re everything you need with none of the things you don’t. Our skincare philosophy is all about keeping it simple. With our selection of travel kits, we’ve got you covered with the staple skin loving basics for all skin types, in handy travel sizes all bundled up in a stylish carry case.

But if you thought these kits were just for travel, I’m here to give you 5 more reasons to LOVE the dermaviduals travel kits, and you don’t even need to pack your passport!

  1. The no commitment starter kit

When trying out a new skin care range, it can feel a little daunting to invest into something completely different. The travel kits are the perfect starter kit for all skin types and are a great way to ease into the world of corneotherapy. Your mini’s will last you a month and your full-size moisturiser will last even longer giving you the perfect opportunity to get to know your new products.

  1. Introduce a friend

Friends don’t let friends use bad skincare. We know you LOVE your dermaviduals products and want to share them with your friends. Sometimes we see our friends struggling to find the right skincare for them. The travel/starter kits are the perfect gift to help your friends off the skincare merry go round and onto the dermaviduals train. Don’t know your friends skin type? Pair it with a gift voucher for a consultation at your favourite salon for the perfect gift that will be tailormade for your friend.

  1. Perfect for your gym bag

No more accidently leaving your coveted full sized Suusmoon Lotion N in the communal bathrooms (the regret is real!). And no more jumping in the shower at home and realising your cleanser is still in your gym bag in your car in the garage…

With your travel kit, you’ve now got all your favourite skin products in two places and no more leaving your precious skincare for the cleaners at the gym.

Hot tip: Apply the included Mask with Vitamins post workout to give your skin a boost of anti-oxidants to combat oxidative stress.

  1. The sleep-over skin saver!

Do you find yourself living between two places? Maybe you have a country house and city house? Weekends on the boat, weekdays in the city apartment (we can but dream!). No matter where your head rests, there’s no going to bed without first doing your skincare. With our travel kits, you can pop one at your partners place, one at the office, one at the city house, one on the boat… Never go to bed without cleansing your skin and now you have a collection of your staple products wherever you go.

  1. When you need a tweak, not an overhaul

The Skin Clarity travel kit is perfect for when your skin needs a little shake up.

Ideal for those times when ‘it’s not quite acne’ but ‘not quite clear’. Some days you just need a little more oomph in your regular line up of skin savers.

The Clarity kit has the spot treatment power for the occasional blemishes and is the perfect kit for that in between stage when you need to sort hormonal breakouts.



And of course, we can’t sign off without letting you know that they are the perfect travel companion!

Space saving in your suitcase which means more room for souvenirs, it’s the perfect amount for a week or a month without packing your full-sized skin care.

Each kit is Airport security friendly no more confiscated products for exceeding the liquid limits- Everything in your kit, including your full size DMS moisturiser complies with airport security screening and can be taken on board your flight.

Because they are the perfect size for clearing security, you’ll have everything at your fingertips for an in-flight facial. Arrive fresh faced not matter how many time zones you traverse.

Hot tip: Add the Lip Balm and the 15ml Oleogel Plus to your kit for thew ultimate inflight skin care kit!

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