Why Your Skin Needs Kaolin Clay?

by | 29 May 2020

Kaolin Clay, which has also been referred to as white clay is primarily made up of the mineral Kaolinite. The mineral in its purest form is a bright white colour, but the clay may have a coloured hue depending on the mineral content of the areas where they are mined.


Kaolin Clay can be used to address most skin concerns. Right from absorbing excess oil to calming breakouts, clay has been used for centuries as the most natural and classic way of dealing with skin problems. Since it has a neutral pH value and is rich in silica dioxide, it is extremely gentle on the skin and is suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitive. The clay is known to deep cleanse pores without stripping the natural oils of your skin. Clay provides an impressive assortment of mineral ions, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium, and silica.

The classic clay mask has always been helpful in the process to take care of all skin-related woes. From controlling excess oil on our skin to healing acne breakouts – a clay mask was what most of us looked up to and looked forward to in our facial treatments.

The best part of clay is that you have got multiple choices, each suited to a specific skin type. Oil, Lipid Dry, or Diffused Redness no matter what skin you live in; dermaviduals Bespoke Individual Clay Mask is for you!

The dermaviduals Bespoke Individual Clay Mask has had the pigment iron oxide added to it giving it its unique green colour. When we customise our Individual Mask with actives, these are integrated and released into the skin together with the clay’s minerals.


The dermaviduals Bespoke Individual Clay Mask increases hydration whilst slowing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL is the loss of water that passes through the epidermis and evaporates into the air). It is also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

You may have heard and now be a little afraid that clay might dry out your skin? Don’t worry. Kaolin Clay does not have drying effects on your skin and is especially beneficial for those with dry and sensitive skin. Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of the derdermaviduals Bespoke Individual Clay Mask.

Our favourite benefit of our Bespoke Individual Clay Mask is that it is customisable! Upon consultation with your Corneotherapist, they will tailor your mask with one of our 38 different actives, oils, and extracts to address your individual skin concerns. It will be a game-changer for you and your home care routine as your skin enjoys its hand-picked actives plus all the benefits that Kaolin Clay brings to your skin.


Additional Benefits of Kaolin Clay:

Detoxes And Clears Pores – Kaolin Clay is able to attach to pore-clogging impurities and remove them from the opening of the pilosebaceous unit. It decreases the amount of open comedones (skin-coloured, small bumps (papules) frequently found on the forehead and chin of those with acne) and the likelihood of more returning.

Skin Soother – Reduces rashes and irritation as the gentle clay works to calm skin that is inflamed and uncomfortable.

Absorbs Excess Oil – The first 3 lines of your skin barrier defence requires a delicate balance of oil to maintain homeostasis however in a true oily skin which is only a very small part of the population (around 4%) excessive oil can be problematic. Kaolin is able to absorb excess oil from your skin without causing dryness.

Fights Acne Lesions – Kaolin Clay benefits skins prone to breakouts and acne by eliminating impurities that build up in and around the pilosebaceous unit (hair follicle) without causing more irritation, inflammation, and redness.

Gentle Exfoliant – Kaolin Clay’s exfoliating and deep cleansing properties are what helps to give your skin a more even appearance and be less dry with continual regular use. As your dermaviduals Bespoke Individual Clay Mask will be customised, your Corneotherapist will also be adding active serums that will address the excessive redundant skin cells to ensure your mask gently exfoliates leaving you primed and prepped for the day!


Find your local clinic in our clinic finder, to ensure a visit with them to obtain your dermaviduals Bespoke Individual Clay Mask today! And then tell us how good it is!!!