Winter skincare

by | 18 June 2012

Winter. It’s a time of reflection and observation.  As the weather cools, more time will be spent inside and there’s a tendency to slow life down.  Slow food will be cooked, time will be spent reading in front of open fires and on the whole, people will spend less time pursuing outdoor activities.  It’s a period of nurturing and the perfect opportunity for bit of me-time. Although it’s certainly not time to slow down your skin care routine.


For some lucky people, cooler weather simply brings a rosy glow to the cheeks, while for others it can cause dry skin on both the face and body. Winter challenges the skin more than any other season, so it is very important to give it extra care and attention over the next few months.

Did you know that if the temperature drops below 8 degrees, our sebaceous glands dramatically slow production of sebum (or oil), or can stop completely?  A lack of sebum weakens the barrier of the skin.  And this barrier is what protects and prevents skin from drying out.  And if the skin is already compromised, it makes it even more essential that we maintain and enrich our skin care routine during the winter months.

Additionally, when we are inside, the use of heating can also impact negatively on the skin.
To arm your skin with the best protection from the elements, we suggest you try and incorporate some, or all, of the following into your skincare regime:

1) Before having a shower, massage your body with dermaviduals massage oil to heal dryness or chaps, and to protect your first barrier of defence…the acid mantle.  It’s an enjoyable and effective way to put back what the day has taken out!


2) Add a few drops of dermaviduals Tenfione into your bath water. This helps retain body moisture, whilst relaxing and soothing your body. Always avoid using very hot water.

After bathing, gently pat yourself dry with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing too hard on the skin as it can cause damage including rashes, irritation and redness.


3) During winter, your skin needs extra hydration. Apply dermaviduals DMS moisturising system over your entire body after your bath or shower (it’s totally free from preservatives, fragrances and emulsifiers which can detract from complete protection). The one product we would recommend as a must-have during winter is Lotion N.  It’s like a one-stop shop bursting forth with restorative lipids.  It can be used on both the face and body and comes in a handy pump-pack.  A travel size (30mls) is also available. Follow this with DMS Body Lotion for a feeling of silky luxury, whilst knowing your skin has just received the best replenishment of essential minerals and vitamins.


4) A nutritious diet helps rejuvenate the skin. Drink plenty of water and eat a variety of leafy vegetables & fruits, legumes and nuts.

5) For your Lips:
  • Cold and chilling winds take moisture away from your lips, leaving them dry. Keep a dermaviduals lip repair in your bag and apply regularly to protect your lips.  It’s great for children too.
  • Oleogel also offers amazing protection for dry, cracked lips. Keep this skin survival in a jar beside your bed and just before turning out the lights apply it to your lips…and don’t forget to apply it to your nails, which will ensure you avoid cracked, dry cuticles. And if you wish, it can also be used over the entire face and body providing the exact nutritional balance required in cold exposed situations.
  • Try to avoid licking your lips too often as this will cause irritation and redness.


6) Cover your face and body properly before stepping out. Extreme changes in temperature can wreak havoc with your skin, causing capillaries to dilate and constrict very rapidly.  So wrap yourself up before heading outdoors and to give yourself the ultimate in protection; ask your skin treatment specialist to customise a tailored serum that includes Boswellia, Butchers Broom and a touch of vitamins’ C and E.


7) After your day out, protect and nourish your skin with a selection of dermaviduals super oils. Rose Hip Oil has fantastic healing properties for very dry skin conditions, particularly those prone to eczema and dermatitis due to its high content of Omega 3. For blemished skin with blackheads, Jojoba Oil is a great option. It’s non-comedogenic, so perfect for an oilier skin condition. If you like a super-rich moisturised feeling on your skin, that is also deeply nourishing, try Avocado Oil. Known for protecting cellular mitochondria, it will help to prevent free radical damage.


Exercise: Don’t be tempted to forget your fitness routine! Regular exercise keeps your body fit, healthy and importantly, stimulates blood circulation in skin.

REMEMBER prevention is much more effective than trying to correct a skin condition. Don’t go past dermaviduals this winter. Free from emulsifiers, preservatives, mineral oils and fragrances, and coupled with pure & natural active ingredients, it provides your skin with exactly  what it needs and deserves.

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