5 Ways to Smash Your 2020 Skin Goals!

by | 31 January 2020

2020 – this is your year! If you’re anything like us, we love setting our goals at the start of the year and setting ourselves up for success with a step by step plan to achieving them. If you have skin goals, we have a plan for you and your skin success!


1. Find a therapist that you trust and get a skin analysis.

A proper skin analysis will take between half an hour to an hour and will be pretty comprehensive. You’ll answer questions about your lifestyle, diet, health, family history and more. All of your answers will help your skin treatment therapist to get a holistic view of your skin and the factors that could be affecting it. What your skin treatment therapist sees and learns during your skin analysis will determine your skincare prescription and treatment plan, which at dermaviduals clinics will be completely customised for your skin, its condition and your goals.




2. Commit to your skincare regime and treatment plan.

Talk to your skin treatment therapist about your budget, so they can tailor your products and treatments to suit. Once you have your products, use them as directed, even on those nights when you’re super dooper tired and really can’t be bothered. Consistency is absolutely key! Book your treatments in for the year and enjoy the dedicated self-care and skin love that comes along with the dreamy treatment bed.




3. Check in with your skin treatment therapist regularly.

Talk to them about how your skin is feeling and any concerns that pop up. If you experience anything unexpected with your skin or products, it’s important to share the details with your skin treatment therapist instead of guessing what you should do or reverting back to old products, that probably weren’t serving your skin. Remember, that skin is your therapist’s passion and seeing your skin thrive is one of their favourite things ever (trust us, we know this for a fact!).




4. Change your skincare as your skin changes.

Your skin treatment therapist will be there to guide you every step of the way, if you let them. This will probably include a seasonal skin analysis and tweaks to your skincare as your skin requires it. A customised approach to skincare is the perfect way to always ensure your skin is getting exactly what it needs.




5. Take photos and enjoy the process!

At the start of your journey, ask your skin treatment therapist to take photos of your skin and do this periodically throughout the year and beyond. Try to do it in the same light and conditions every time. Looking at your skin everyday in the mirror, you probably won’t notice some changes, such as texture, clarity and hydration, but these create an undeniable healthy glow that you’ll definitely notice when you put your pictures side by side!




If you haven’t found your skin guru yet, we think you’ll find your perfect match here. Good luck with your skin goals and share your progress with us by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see you smash this year!

Thanks to La Bella Medispa for our featured image!