A brief overview of our education resources

Education Hub

The Education Hub has been designed for dermaviduals partners and professionals within the skincare and aesthetics industry, who want to advance their understanding of the remedial treatment methodologies of Corneotherapy including advanced education on the integumentary system.

With a selection of educational courses created to build knowledge and understanding, the Education Hub provides skin treatment therapists with the opportunity to develop their skills resulting in professional growth and confidence within this ever-changing industry.

Australasian Academy of Corneotherapy

The Australasian Academy of Corneotherapy (AAC) has been designed for skin treatment therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists, nurses, doctors and dermatologists and showcases comprehensive courses to strengthen knowledge of the integumentary system, skin analysis, cosmetic chemistry, clinical treatment modalities and the methodologies of Corneotherapy.

Corneotherapy is a remedial skin treatment methodology that follows an individualised approach that investigates the triggers and causes of skin barrier conditions or disorders while focusing on correcting and restoring the stratum corneum and barrier defence systems.

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Introduction to dermaviduals: Your Journey to Skin Health


Derma Aesthetics, distributors of the world’s best Corneotherapeutic skincare, invite you to learn more about the benefits of partnering with our brand, our exclusive offerings and how you can provide optimal skin health for clients following the principles and methodologies of corneotherapy.

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Skin Anatomy & Physiology – The Foundations

$59.95 AUD

This course is designed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of the integumentary system, including the cells, systems & layers of this anatomical structure. Learners will be provided with the fundamentals of what they need to know in order to feel confident when learning about the most complex and largest organ of the body.

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Corneotherapy: A Methodology of Practice & Thinking

$59.95 AUD

Join Lisa Paone, Head of Education at Derma Aesthetics, as she takes you through this 50 minute educational video focusing on the core principles and methodologies of Corneotherapy covering the following topics:

  • What is Corneotherapy?
  • Dr. Albert Kligman – the founder of Corneotherapy
  • The stratum corneum
  • What is and what isn’t corneotherapeutic skin care
  • An understanding of the keratinocyte
  • What is a Practising Corneotherapist?
  • Modalities that work AGAINST the principles of Corneotherapy 
  • Modalities that work WITH the principles of Corneotherapy
EXCEED device


$450 AUD – discounts apply for EXCEED partners

Derma aesthetics are global leaders in microneedling education. This course has been curated to provide learners with extensive and up-to-date education covering both theory & practical modules of the practice of microneedling. The course extends on our EXCEED device however it’s contents are applicable for the use of microneedling with alternative pen devices.

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Practitioner’s Guide to Skin Health: dermaviduals Product Knowledge Course!

*Exclusive for dermaviduals partners ONLY

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the concept of Corneotherapy, the background of dermaviduals and practical application of the entire product range.

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Understanding the Basics of dermaviduals Course!

*Exclusive for dermaviduals partners ONLY

This course is designed to refresh and/or provide participants with an understanding of the basics of dermaviduals, the concept of Corneotherapy, the background of dermaviduals and practical application of the “Basics” product range.