6 Reasons Makayla Loves dermaviduals deco

by | 13 September 2019

Our makeup range, deco, is an extension of our skincare, nourishing your skin and helping it to stay on track and look amazing all at the same time! But why take our word for it? Makayla Herdman co-owns the gorgeous skin boutique, House of Maxx, and chatted to us about one of her secret skin weapons: dermaviduals deco, giving us 6 reasons she loves the makeup disguised as skincare so much…


1. deco Bespoke Foundations are different from other foundations

Far from being just another foundation line that masks the flaws, deco mineral makeup offers both flawlessness and scientifically-based skin correction. “How many makeup brands work one hundred per cent with your skincare, let alone treat your skin at the same time!?” says Makayla.
“Yes there are brands out there that are ‘dermatologist-approved’ but they still do not provide the same value as deco. deco not only gives you everything that a fantastic foundation should (hello flawlessness), it is also anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals and increases skin strength.”


2. It cares for your skin

Unfortunately, it is common for skin care treatment plans to be completely let down by makeup formulations. The application of makeup can even hinder progress made with skin conditions if the formulation contains common nasties such as fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, silicones, amines and mineral oils. When our scientists in Germany formulated dermaviduals deco makeup, they made sure to avoid ingredients such as these that are not physiologically recognised by the skin. They also utilised our world-renowned DMS technology, making the dermaviduals deco range effective in maintaining and protecting the skin barrier. “deco works synergistically with the dermaviduals philosophy and skincare line,” says Makayla. “Once you try it, there is no going back!”


3. deco makeup provides perfect colour matching

Forget “close enough” colour-matching, deco makeup can be matched to suit your exact skin shade. Your skin tone will change from season to season and deco will be there for you, ready to go that little bit lighter or darker to suit you perfectly! “With my background in makeup, I know how hard it is to match some people to a foundation colour,” says Makayla. “deco offers flexibility and is simple to adjust dosages to match each client’s specific colour.”


4. It’s easy to use

“For a natural look, I suggest using fingers for a quick and light application of the foundation and a dusting of setting powder,” explains Makayla. “For clients who like a full coverage with staying power, I suggest the dermaviduals Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate as a primer, then Cover & Conceal Stick applied with fingers on areas with redness, followed by foundation applied with a clean sponge, set with powder.”


5. It’s buildable

deco can be applied sheer for a natural finish, or layered for more full coverage. “Coverage is anywhere from light to medium and is buildable especially with the Cover & Conceal Stick,” says Makayla. “The great thing about deco and dermaviduals is you won’t ever need a full-coverage again!”


6. deco makeup can be applied to chronic skin conditions such as acne and rosacea

“deco was made for skin conditions like acne and rosacea,” explains Makayla. “Clients with these conditions are using a makeup that is contributing to the problem, so a simple change of their makeup can make a world of difference.”




This month, if you purchase a skin-loving Bespoke Foundation, you’ll receive a FREE Cover & Conceal – these guys will be your new favourite power couple!

If you’re not sure where your closest clinic is, check here and look for the dermaviduals deco logo when your search results pop up.