Ashleigh Scott Facialist is our Clinic of the Month for March 2016!

by | 7 March 2016

Ashleigh Scott Facialist is a boutique skin clinic specialising in holistic skin health. They have been featured in many top New Zealand magazines, including Fashion Quarterly, Denizen, Next, M2Woman, Women’s Weekly and Viva – The New Zealand Herald. Director, Ashleigh, chatted to dermaviduals about her innate passion for skin health, her clinic and why they just focus on one thing. “We just do bespoke facials – its what we love and what we’re good at! We are located in the City Works Depot in the heart of Auckland – a really vibrant and fun area with an industrial feel. We are a team of four and work very closely with one an other and our clients to guide them to optimal skin health.”




Ashleigh’s staff are a constant source of professional inspiration. “They continually challenge me and inspire me with their passion and knowledge for what they do. I am exceptionally lucky to have an amazing group of ladies working for me, who share this unique passion for holistic health and wellness.”


I made the decision very early on in business not to get caught up in the hype of the latest and greatest thing. We have a really clear vision and purpose on what we do. We don’t use any machines and don’t buy into the marketing hype that comes with many great cosmetic companies. I do like to keep abreast on what’s going on in the industry, but unless something truly aligns with our purpose, then I don’t give it any more thought.”


What do you value most in your clinic? “Our clients. I know everyone thinks this, but we really do have the best clients! And without them we wouldn’t all be doing what we love everyday. I think we are just really lucky in the sense that we have managed to attract a really like minded bunch of clients that we are lucky enough to work with and treat every day. Really there would be no business with out them.”




The treatments we offer in clinic are all bespoke. So to have dermaviduals, a bespoke skincare range alongside that – and one that not only sits with our core philosophies and principles, but actually changes the skin, that’s incredible! Clients love that their products are customised especially for their skin and gives them the best results.”


Favourite dermaviduals product? “Mask With Vitamins. I just love when I wake up in the morning after using it and my skin looks amazing! I also couldn’t live without the heal me quick serum – this has been a lifesaver for my skin and has kept my breakouts at bay, but also works as a wonderful spot treatment if I do get one.”


What is your number one skincare tip? “Don’t cleanse in the morning. I know a lot of other skin therapists will disagree with this one. But I feel that its truly unnecessary and actually just too much for the skin.”