Autumn Newsletter

by | 20 May 2011

We’re loving the pace here at derma aesthetics head office, despite it being somewhat frantic! It would appear that you are as excited as we are about ushering in a new era of skin correction. Our phones have been ringing off the hook and our in-boxes are overflowing with enquiries and orders. It’s so reassuring to know that we are obviously filling a need in the marketplace. Thank you for being so supportive, passionate and enthusiastic as we continue to build our network of education, quality customer service and of course, fabulous and effective product ranges.

On Wednesday 11 May we held our inaugural signature event in NSW. It was a great evening with Deborah Thomas, Florence Barrett-Hill and Jennifer Brodeur providing some fascinating insights into the state of the cosmetic industry and also giving their thoughts on where it’s heading. The food and wine were superb and our guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and left on the evening with over $50 worth of product and other goodies. Angela Lee of Skin Revival was the lucky winner of the dermaviduals hot products skin care prize and Lyn Crittendon of Mosman Beauty Studio won a Lip Repair stand. Other lucky winners walked away with informative books by Florence Barrett-Hill and Dr Lance Setterfield.

We are planning to hold similar events in Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand later in 2011.

In-Salon DVD

June will see the release of our new in-salon DVD for use in reception/waiting rooms. Captively designed to feature the best of dermaviduals, you can learn about the product range whilst waiting for treatments in salon!

Signature Salon – Laser Effect, Newcastle

We adore the look of Laser Effect, which appears purpose built for dermaviduals! We love how the team here has been able to integrate the dermaviduals concept. Thanks Robyn for sending us your comments. It’s this type of feedback that inspires our whole team to come together, work hard, have fun and bring you the latest in everything skin!

“We have been using dermaviduals at Laser Effect for only a few short months but the results have been astounding. We finally have the tools to offer complete skin rejuvenation, no matter what the condition. Other ranges have never been thorough in treating the wide range of conditions that present themselves daily in our clinic. Now with dermaviduals we can offer a comprehensive, completely customised solution to every single client that walks through our door. The training offered by dermaviduals is second to none. It’s not about sales pitches and marketing but about treating the skin and ensuring results, something that no amount of marketing or hype can achieve. The results of these products truly speak for themselves and therefore sales and marketing have naturally increased as a result of being passionate about a product that delivers on promises.”

Robyn McAlpine, Director Laser Effect


News From The Office

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Donna McNeill as our Business Development Manager for Victoria. Donna joins our team with many years of experience in the field of aesthetics. Additionally, her knowledge of naturopathy and general wellness provides a diverse and interesting background. We look forward to introducing Donna to our Victorian clients.

Winter And Skin

Winter can often wreak havoc on the skin. The air is drier and there are generally more airborne pollutants about. As such skin needs more moisture and protection over winter than at any other time of the year. Winter is also the time to consider adopting a programme of treatments to ensure healthy skin for Spring. Here are a few suggestions:

Stop trans-epidermal water loss using dermaviduals unique DMS system. Protection during winter is vital. It is the perfect time to treat the skin with boosters and serums. Without adequate protection all sorts of skin conditions can flare up.

Use Oleogel – a unique product containing NO water, which means that the active ingredients are highly concentrated and only a small amount of Oleogel is needed. It literally melts into the skin, providing extremely dehydrated skin with exactly what it needs to re-balance. It’s an absolute must for those lucky enough to be hitting the ski slopes! A handy 15ml pocket/ handbag size is available that is perfect for eye and lip protection.

Lip Repair– whether hitting the ski fields or just needing the extra protection with the extremes of weather, this is a winter essential to hydrate and stop dry and cracked lips.

Boswellia– you’ll be amazed at the properties of this plant based ingredient. Reducing inflammation and redness, it’s a valuable tool to protect your skin this winter. Boswellia is essential for inflamed skin and especially actinic keratosis.


Our fantastic Winter offer is set to finish on June 30, so you’d best hurry into your nearest dermaviduals stockists now.
Purchase any three dermaviduals products and receive your gift voucher for a FREE Enzyme Treatment. This facial is designed to replenish, smooth and refine your skin.