The Beauty Lounge is Our Clinic of the Month for June 2017!

by | 1 June 2017

The Beauty Lounge was founded in Victoria, Australia in early 2016 and continues to grow rapidly; just a year after their inception, The Beauty Lounge had over 200 VIP clients. Providing high-end beauty services complimented by state-of-the-art medical technologies,  The Beauty Lounge has gained a reputation as one of the most popular anti-ageing centres in Victoria. As soon as you walk through their door, you are greeted with a warm welcome in a bright, beautiful environment. The Beauty Lounge team pride themselves on providing honest, professional and realistic advice. Owner of the Beauty Lounge, Sunny chatted to us about her Glen Waverley skin clinic. For all new clients, Sunny insists that “a free consultation is a must before we provide any services. This guarantees a truly effective and customised journey”.


The Beauty Lounge_COTM2


Best thing about your job? “I love the part I play in my clients’ transformations! The changes that occur on the inside as well as the outside keep me constantly inspired! It is not only about how they look, but also how they feel. Many of my clients ask me to change their skin and correct an array of conditions. After seeing their skin improve, I have found they become more outgoing and confident. It is the best thing I see in my career and I am always excited to see more! These transformations are why The Beauty Lounge devotes so much effort to providing professional, safe and effective services. We truly want to help you to become healthy, confident and beautiful in your own skin.”


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The Beauty Lounge introduced dermaviduals in mid-2016 and their clients’ skins have reaped the rewards. “We receive so much feedback from our customers saying how healthy their skin feels! dermaviduals in-clinic treatments and homecare paired with the technology we utilise is an unbeatable match. We know how important to have a healthy skin barrier, otherwise, all the nutrition you feed on your skin won’t penetrate; dermaviduals skincare is based on Corneotherapy, which is aimed at rebuilding the skin barrier. Once we get the skin barrier healthy, hydrated and glowing skin will follow”.


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Do you have a go-to skin care tip to share? “A great skin care tip is to double cleanse your face at night, just like in a professional treatment at The Beauty Lounge. The result will amaze you; I have never had any blackheads concerns since I developed this habit.”