Beauty Stash – What’s In YOUR Office Drawer?

by | 1 June 2015

We were having some fun at the dermaviduals office this week, peeping at what members of our staff keep in their drawers. We found things like snacks, of course, and electronics, but the most common items had to do with good looks and grooming. That’s not so surprising when you remember that dermaviduals is a world leader in dermatological skin care, and our people are passionate about their skin.

In today’s post, we share dermaviduals top seven staff picks for office drawer essentials.  With these products at your fingertips, you can

  • Touch up before a presentation
  • Primp for a lunchtime date
  • Put on your game face for a challenging meeting
  • Go from day to night before heading out at 5 o’clock (or 6…or 9…)
  • Indulge in a moment of pampering

Staff Pick for the #1 Beauty Product to Have at Work

Office air conditioning and heating systems wreak havoc on the skin, leaving it feeling slick and oily and altogether unpleasant. That’s why our staff’s number one office drawer essential is dermaviduals Liposome Concentrate Plus. It’s extremely effective for treating oily, blemished facial skin and a perfect preventative to reduce the chances of blackheads & whiteheads forming.

These liposomes are rich in anti-inflammatory EFA’s, which help prevent blemishes and calm hard, red cystic spots on the jaw line. The linoleic acid in our concentrate is an anti-inflammatory that helps liquefy sebum (the substance secreted by oil glands in the skin), which prevents pores from becoming plugged up.

When You’re Feeling Chapped: dermaviduals Oleogel Plus 

The same factors that dry your skin at the office leach moisture from other parts of your body, too. Both men and women on the dermaviduals team keep a jar of our soothing Oleogel Plus tucked into their office drawers. It’s a product they reach for again and again for instant moisturising. It’s a real multi-tasker, providing soothing relief to arid lips, cracked heels, “crispy” cuticles, and even eczema.

Oleogel Plus is water-free and thixotropic, which means it liquefies quickly when applied to the skin and you can immediately, yet subtly, feel its effects. Its active ingredients are highly concentrated, so a small amount goes a long way.

5 Essential Beauty Tools & Products for Our Office Cubby

We each have our personal favourites, but these beauty tools showed up in more than one drawer at the dermavidauls offices:

  • Eyelash Curler – the quickest way to get flirty, big lashes without make-up, and no mirror needed.
  • Nail Polish Remover Pads – chipped nail polish makes a woman look unpolished, so the dermaviduals staff use nail scrubbers to swipe away colour evenly and quickly.
  • Brow Comb/Lash Brush – Wild and woolly eyebrows are a problem for both genders, but they can be easily tamed with a brow comb. The spooley brush coaxes errant hairs into place so eyebrows look neat. Bonus: A brow comb can also be used to brush through mascara-clumped lashes.
  • Full-Sized Hair Brush – Our staffers love all things mini (mini-cupcakes, for example), except when it comes to hairbrushes. They say a full-sized brush detangles and lifts hair better, and costs a lost less than the minis do, too.
  • DMS Mask with Vitamins – Available in a handy travel size of 30ml (we said we love minis), it is a must for your office drawer. It is the perfect pick me up when you are running a little late and putting on your face in the work bathroom. Use the DMS Mask with Vitamins to provide much needed nourishment under your makeup, for a leave-on treatment that will keep skin looking fresh all day long!
  • Your Favourite Fragrance – Indulge in a little aromatherapy with your favourite eau de toilette. Less expensive than perfume or cologne, just a quick whiff can be a real mood booster.

What’s in YOUR drawer?