Beth’s Corneotherapy Symposium Wrap Up

by | 31 May 2019

Dubai, UAE – Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Wowee, where do I start? The 14-hour flight into Dubai was totally worth the jet lag once we opened those taxi doors and stepped foot on the amazing, polished (traditionally tiled Arabic style) floors of Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. This hotel, as we all agreed, was like no other we had ever entered. We quickly threw our bags down and rushed to our first stop: The Spa. This spa is apparently the biggest spa in Dubai. Its secret rooms held saunas, a snow room, heated marble resting beds and the most amazing therapy pools that left everyone speechless as we walked in and oh-so-relaxed as we soaked up its peaceful energy and ambience.



After our much-needed R & R, it was adventure time! Off we went in 4×4 style to the Dubai desert where we drove through sand dunes that felt like Mt Everest (videos of our hysterical laughing to come), drank prosecco and ate camel milk chocolate whilst watching the warm and colourful sunset on our perfectly set, mega picnic (think traditional persian rugs, big floor cushions and tiki torches). Some of us braved the slopes and sandboarded down the biggest dunes we could find, rode the cutest & most beautifully dressed camels, watched a hypnotising belly dancer shake her belly and booty, feasted on a delicious traditional meal and finished the night off with a cheeky group shisha.




Day 2 in Dubai kicked off with too much food at the buffet followed by beach, passionfruit mojitos, more beach and more passionfruit mojitos. I would love to reveal more, but you know what they say, “what happens on tour, stays on tour” and this day most definitely will stay on tour! (Hint: tequila top-ups for all!). Our last night saw us at the buffet yet again with ‘spicy food night’ being our theme. This was a spread like no other at a size like no other (think head office x 2 full of food stations and dessert). Put it this way, our pants were a little tight walking out!



Bonn, Germany – Maritim Hotel Königswinter

Let me start by mentioning the not so great beginning – the overbooked flight from Dubai to Dussleforf (luckily Simone managed to talk us on!). The saviour: dinner! Our first German schnitzel at a small, traditional restaurant across the road from our hotel in Königswinter.



Our first day was an opportunity to explore the picturesque town of Königswinter, a small town on the River Rhine. We made our way up by train to the hills where the beautiful Drachendurg Castle stood for some must have ‘tourist photos’ and some on foot exploration time.



By 5.30pm it was time for registration followed by our opening dinner to kick off the beginning of the 6th Corneotherapy Symposium for 2019. Florence and Hans welcomed us with a warm thank you for our attendance and touched on our exciting topic for the event, ‘Enzymes’. Dinner and drinks followed as we caught up with our clients and generated excitement for what was to follow the next day.




Day 1 of The 6th International Symposium on Corneotherapy – what a day! We covered enzyme classification and functions, looked at histology slides of the stratum corneum and its connecting desmosomes, lipid metabolism and the role enzymes play in the process, how the body, stratum corneum and its enzymes break down cosmetics & other drugs, essential fatty acids in the skin & body and how enzymes cleave these so they can be utilised, enzyme defects and their influence on the skin and finished with different treatment modalities and their effects on enzymes in the skin. It was very interesting to learn so much more about the specific enzymes in the skin that we manipulate with our dermaviduals ingredients, delve deeper into Omega 3, 6 and 9 and how these are synthesised and utilised by the body, skin barrier and sebaceous lipids and cement the role of desmosomes and their conversions as the keratinocyte matures.



Things to consider:

  • Enzymes throughout the body and skin can be deficient through inheritance.
  • These enzyme defects will likely result in skin disorders.
  • Let’s begin to separate the term ‘lipids’ into epidermal and sebaceous and look closely at their composition, role in the stratum corneum and their effect on enzyme activity.
  • A major enzyme found in the skin CYP3A/45 required for the breakdown of drugs and cosmetics is severely defective if the skin barrier is impaired.
  • Excess sebum production affects linoleic acid content of sebum, resulting in a poorer quality.



Day 2 – totally my favourite day! We covered the enzymes required for communication during would healing, fungi on the skin and its role in healthy and atopic skins, we took a closer look at the molecular biology of atopic skin, enzyme activity in acne and rosacea and finished with enzymes and probiotics in skincare.



Things to consider:

  • Some studies show that not all rosacea patients possess the dermodex mite!
  • Let’s focus particularly on the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in the gut rather than the dermodex mite when working with rosacea.
  • The enzyme Caspase 14 has the ability to degrade our filaggrin and our acid mantles natural UV protection.
  • Per cm2 there is up to 2.27 million bacteria on our skin.
  • Fungi can contribute to conditions such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Glycols used in small amounts in skincare are considered safe however glycols used in over the counter products should be considered due to the inconsistent purity and high % quantity used.


After an amazing few days of being surrounded by the industry’s experts and like-minded skin nerds, I can confidently say that I am so excited to share what I have learnt with my clinics to assist with their skin journeys each one takes their valued clients on. New ‘outside of the box’ protocols both in clinic and with home prescriptions are certainly something I will be encouraging upon my return. Thank you IAC for yet another fabulous Symposium… Bring on 2020!!