Black Diamond Clinic Are Our April Clinic of the Month!

by | 1 April 2019

Black Diamond Clinic is situated in Singleton, in the heart of the Hunter Valley where the coal mines meet the wineries. In 2017 the clinic won the Local Business Awards’ Encouragement Award. Owner, Ash, chatted to us about their clinic’s journey so far and her passion for the skin industry.



From beauty to skin…

“We have been established for nearly 4 years now, with our turning point being in July last year rebranding from a beauty salon to a skin-focused clinic. We have the perfect family of therapists, including myself, Stevie, Jovanna, Lexie & Sam, who all share the same passion to change lives and bring positive skin care into peoples’ lives through the power of Corneotherapy.”



What’s your favourite part of your job?

“What job?! Hanging out with a killer bunch of girls and changing skin isn’t a job for us – what a bonus we  get paid for it! The best thing about doing what we do is actually changing peoples lives, and yes this does happen! Not only seeing your client’s skin change, but their whole personality, is the best and most rewarding feeling! We love knowing exactly what we’re giving our clients are going to help them now and also long-term. This goes beyond just facial concerns, and extends to treating psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, etc. Having a range that is so customisable that can help and treat any skin that walks into our clinic is so powerful.”



Talking inspiration…

“Keeping our team inspired happens in so many ways, whether it’s team-bonding weekends away, out for lunch after a busy Saturday or just training! We have regular team meetings and are always talking about our case studies as a team. We attend dermaviduals training regularly, the team are always enrolled into an extra course online plus we do practical and theory training each week. We also have the help of the beautiful Ashlee Laura who keeps us all on track!”



Corneotherapy for the win!

“When we rebranded back in July last year, as a Dermal Therapist I wanted more, something to set us apart any other clinic. I looked into many brands and discovered dermaviduals. It was here I looked no further. I absolutely love the idea of customising products for each client and working with Corneotherapy has changed and grown our clinic so much, not only has it helped us grow as therapists but as well as a business.”



Number one skin tip?

“My number one skin tip would have to be don’t believe bullshit marketing and MLM companies! Do your own research, google the ingredients that are in your product. You wouldn’t go to the supermarket for antibiotics – there is a reason you need a script and skin is exactly the same.”



Not your average clinic…

“I’m not the stereotypical therapist. Growing up for me was racing motocross, playing soccer and taekwondo and leaving school early to become an electrician. Years later, with a body covered in tattoos, I began an apprenticeship in Beauty Therapy and completed it within 2 years. With a passion for skin, I wanted more, something that would achieve actual heathy skin results. With a friend group of mostly males, my aim was to create a clinic where men & women can come, feel welcomed and achieve results from the best therapists in the business. We are not pink and fluffy, we are simply black and white – what you see is what you get. After completing my Dermal Therapies and rebranding to become a skin clinic, I wanted something that would set us apart, be the best, fit with our brand, achieve actual results, keep skin healthy and of course have the science to prove this. Well, this is where we found dermaviduals and it’s all been up from here! We assess each skin individually and treat each client as they are: an individual. We do no two treatments the same, everything is customised after their initial in depth consultation where we make sure we have the whole story before performing any treatments.”



If you want to learn more about Black Diamond Clinic, you can visit their website and follow them on Facebook & Instagram. They are heading to Germany in May to the International Corneotherapy Symposium to take their knowledge to the next level, so follow their social channels so you don’t miss a thing!