Business Besties

by | 14 September 2018

Our Co-Founders, Reika and Simone have been balancing their friendship with their business partnership for close to a decade, so it’s safe to say they’d have some good advice up their sleeves! Here are their top 10 tips for a successful partnership:


1. Communicate regularly and clearly

Simone: “This is an obvious one, but can be often hard to execute effectively! Working in different offices, we’ve learnt to prioritise our catch ups and utilise technology to do so. Skype is great as we get to see each other and we love staying connected in between using WhatsApp for quick messages.”


2. Strong leadership that stands by core values

Reika: “We’ve always been firm believers in practicing what we preach, so we’re proud to lead Team Derma by example.”


3. Understanding and revisiting long-term goals

Reika: “It is important to stay focused on our long-term goals amongst our daily to-do lists. Revisiting them always renews our focus and puts everything into perspective.”


4. Not being afraid to depend on each other’s skills

Simone: “We both bring equal importance to the table with Reika leading commercial and with me leading the education and sales and we know we can depend on each other’s skills – we do it every day!”


5. Define explicitly and carve out each individual role

Reika: “Being friends first, we knew each other’s strengths & weaknesses and our responsibilities formed naturally around these. We revisit the breakdown of responsibilities regularly, to see if there are ways we can improve our scope of work.”


6. Be courageous and believe you can do it together

Reika: “Taking risks can be so hard, but weighing these up with a partner that has your back makes it a lot less scary!”


7. Identifying strengths and weaknesses which complement each other

Simone: “It’s also important to work on our weaknesses (and even our strengths) – we’re not about resting on our laurels!”


8. Ensure to gain each others approval for business decisions

Simone: “Never, ever assume! This is a surefire way to create tension and mistrust.”


9. Teaching staff to understand the importance to the companies culture

Reika: “Our culture is our competitive advantage. Our advertising, marketing, training and techniques can all be copied (and they have been!) but a great culture is very hard to achieve and cannot be copied. It is unique to us and is our biggest selling point.”


10. Stick to your vision and share it with the broader team

Simone: “Our team at Derma Aesthetics know exactly what we as a company are working towards, they even help to shape our vision and define our goals.”


Reika: “We’re so fortunate to be on this journey together! It’s pretty amazing to have someone that shares your passion and vision.”

Simone: “Absolutely, we’re different in so many ways, but we are in sync when it counts!”


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